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Tuesday, September 4, 2007
i know i am naggin!! but pls read.. post 1 sept!! pls!!

haiz i still wondering whether u guys really got read that post mah!!

tag if u all got read... post 1 of september!!

today i did nothing but just went to marcus house and slack eh!! we watch tv... and i learn how to play bu neng shou de mi mi !! eh the piano verison!! thx to to tian kun!! haha...

but i admit i don hav musical gen bah... cant play very fast or well... wateva... then we slack there the whole day.. until we wanna go le.. marcus dad say wanna cook hotdog for us!! thx to vennom.. becaue that time he got bbq!!

the buy to many hot dog... then the father ask me to help to eat!! wa... 10 packets eh...abt 60 over.. hot dog!! .. aiyo...then nvm..

haha then this is the hot dog!! there is otah... also but never take because they eat too fast eh!!

o ya... this is only the first set of the hot dog!! there is more behind!! ahha... aiyo.. then eat full full need to exercise mah.. then i play with hula hula hoop!! haha..

haha can see the hula hula??!! i very good at this eh... cuz primary school no friends.. only can paly with girls.. so i very good at girls gamess of stuff!!

haha then play finish!! need to eat fruits eh!! haha... nice nice.. apple!! all is marcus father cut for us de!! so good eh!!

haha apple!! look fresh rite?? actually i kinda of interested to be photograher!! aha... but no change... haha...

then i plan to eat my favourite kfc... but eat the hot dog enough le... ahha aiyo... then we watch youtube!! a lot of stupid videos!! haha esp the panda de... the baby panda sneeze then the mother kanna scared!!

haha so funny the.. its like so stupid... haa.. aiyo then we go home le lor!! haha chat with xiang jie on the bus then tok tok tok..!! then i got the urge to eat.. don know why then go eat dao huia... !! haha then suddenly saw this boy eh!! haha

his eyes is super big lar...

then eat half way..saw guo xiang.. tell us alot abt poly life!! haha... it really helps.. thx to him.. but seriously i very scare i cannot go in to poly!! haiz... sobsob.. aiyo wateva... study first...

aiyo... i go sleep first eh!! tomorrow got school!!

pls read 1st september de post!!



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