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Saturday, September 8, 2007
haha hi guys!! haha miss me mah!!?? haha i sounds so gay!! cuz i am wondering eh... do u guys really read my blog eh... cuz its like i never blog for 2 days , then i always blog long long!!

then seriously u guys got read mah huh??!! cuz i scare sianz eh... i blog blog blog then wanna share then nobody read... cuz i heard from many ppl u all just scroll down or view the pics!!

wa lau don like this leh!! haha i put in effort all this de eh!! ahha... i 2 days never blog sorry eh!! cuz i went to chalat!! but i think u all need to do some reading eh!! sorry... haha...

i hav many pics but don just scroll and see the pics ar!! sorry guys!!

haha... cuz yesterday i accompany marcus play dota eh!! ahha... so stupid rite?? ahha then play until 4 am ... wa... so tired then early in the morning my god mother ask me to wake up and change!!

aiyo sobsob... seriously actually i don wanna go for the chalat de eh!! cuz firstly i know me and my cousin they all not really close.. cuz firstly i don really mixed with them!! and most importantly they don like me!! and we hav no link to tok to one another!!

this chew family bonding should end at my generation bah... u know the chew family bonding is bloody strong eh!! last time if me or my sis say don wanna go jalan kayu(where they hav gathering every sunday!!)

we will be scolded until like dog!! same goes to the other surname chew, de brothers lar...if their son or daughter never go,also will kanna scold until like dog!! haha... but good thingy abt this bonding is , all of us get to go overseas altogether!!

we will travel to the western side at least 2 times per year!!

then u will get to see we getting the vips room!! 35 over ppl occupied the whole tourist bus!! eat good food as they are so rich!! haha...playing games meant for tourist , which cost like 40 dollars per person!! and they are willing to spent it!!

haha i don care eh... cuz i will be the one eating the good food and going overseas with them and look around the world!! then i can proudly tell ppl that i hav been to such places and see different things!! i am the one benefiting ar!!

hee i am not that kinda of person which see , they got so many good things then follow them!!

the reason i go with them!! is because my surname is also chew!! i still see them as one!! even though they don like me!! and i don like them!! because they a little , treat ppl differently just because of status!! and blah blah blah!! wa ever!! very hot eh...

and wat so ever!!! i don really care... my dad always scold me that i am always anti social to the chew family!! but seriously not i anti social... is sometimes they anti me and i will do the same thingy!!

i do admit that the chew family ppl !! are bloody rich but the attitude they give ar... is like haiz..!!! fuking biased!! i cannot tell u all why i say their biased!! because later my any uncles or aunties read it i will die!! but let me give u all a hint bah!! biased against!! family!!


that all i am going to say eh.. u all go imagine!! or ask me personally eh!!

haiz... so i change my shirt then go le lor!! then go fetch my sister!! then i go buy alot alot of bread because i know they sure never buy food for me de!! eh!! haiz... then i buy alot then slowly eat in the car!!

pick up my aunt which kinda of more take care of me , for things like eating eh!! haha she will keep for me or ask me to eat more and blah blah blah... but last time she treat me also kinda of like shit!! because SHE THINKS THAT HER DAUGHTER LIKE ME!!

ANOTHER REASON WHY I NEVER GO TO THE HOUSE FOR GATHERING!! during that period i was treated like shit!! do wat also wrong ... then do wat also kanna scolded!! shit rite??!! ahha but some things clarify everything!!

and now she is different , she will even tell the other chew's i got o lvl~~~ so i cannot come!! aiya not bad lar... but the others still same... the uncles ookok towards me!! is their wifes !! haha... who cares forget it eh!! haha

let me show u the chalat which i wanna get for eric eh!! haha... wait ar...

haha this is the main door!! haha... the big big bungolow ... aiya i don know how to spell lar!!

there is a small hut which can stay de eh!! haha big rite??!! haha...

haha this is second floor!! haha... there is 5 rooms!!

2 toilets ... one door connect stragiht to the kitchen!!

this is one of the room!! then the door is for the balcony!! ahaha big rite??!!

this is the master bedroom!! haha... hee!!

haha this is the ground floor!! see them play mahjong??!! later i tell u the story!! haiz... they are mahjong siao... haha... trust me later i tell u why!!

see big rite?? still got a table tennis room!! haha...

then we hav our own!! open field!! haha..

u walk down a littlEE!! haha there will be our own beach!! haha....

haha now let me tell u guys the mahjong story eh!! seriously rite?? the chew family all is mahjong siao eh!! if u read above de post u know i always hav gathering rite?? every sunday!! haha u know wat they do there??!!

everyweek ar?? play mahjong!! serious.. and the kids will rot down therE!! damed bloody sianz lor.. seriously this chalat!! rite?? i don think is meant for gathering is mahjong session eh!!

u know hor...this chalat rite?? the whole thingy is $700 already eh... plus the food and everything is 1000 plus!! haiz.. they open an chalat just for mahjong session eh!! then we kids rot down there lor!!

consider cheap le eh!! cuz eric birthday rite?? we open 2 small rooms at east coast which cost us $800 dollars eh... then plus food... and the acholol!! aiyo and worst 3 days nia!!

so this is wat usually happen.. even went go overseas eh!! the adults will even go to the extend of bringing their own mahjong set eh... then go overseas and play!! u guys must be thinking where got table rite??!!

u know they are so power that they will either borrow table from the hotel or resort , just to play their mahjong throughout the night!! don need sleep de eh!! and hor the table rite??!! not free de eh.. they will borrow for a week which will cost them a bomb!!

later i show u more things how they can waste money eh!! but seriously is not waste lar.. they trying to get the family bonding rite!! and they work for the money!! with their own hands!!

this is one good thingy i can say abt them , but i am a person which likes to save money so i cannot tahan they all do such things!!

when parents having the mahjong session!! kids are not allow to see or play around there!! then the kids will rot there or play their lap top or psp !! erm all my cousin very rich so they tend to hav their own lappy at a very young age!! then i don hav eh... so i only can play my hp and sms!!

and i sms hor!! wa sms until no money... haha... then nvm.. i go find things to do lar... then i go see scenary!! haha...

haha this is so nice rite??!! so clam and peaceful ... not like our daily life!! and stupid o lvl!!

then hor i really very sianz lar... nothing to do mah... haiz.. i wanna cry le lor!! seriously nothing to do at all.. so i go camp ... and see wat to play... then i go kitchen find food eh!! wa so hungry!! hee... the kitchen so big big rite?!?!

but no food ... only drinks!! then i go do exercise!!

haha me table tennis in action!! haha cool eh... i know how to play eh !! seriously this game rite?? i think is meant for guys which is aqua which cant really exert the strength!! haha... seriously lor... i team with my cousin ying yin!! haha she girl eh.. mucsle i think bigger than mine... hit a little fly le!! then i see in tv those man .... smack smack .. wow!! this is not a easy game!!

damed sianz lar.. aiyo then i go check on wat are the babies is doing!! haha i running all over the place to get myself entertain!! eh!! sobsob... haiz... aiyo... sobsob...

haha the babies hav their new bike!! from my uncle!!

sobsob i don care !! i also wanna hav one!! haah this is mine!!

haha racing starts ... i chasing them!! haha...

haha seriously very freaking hard to chase ar... cannot ar... !!

hey guys after riding this bike!! this bike is freaking fast eh!! if u guys were to buy a bike! pls buy this brand eh!! haha its really very very good!!

haha she wanna cry le better give her back ~~~

wa really very sianz eh!! suddenly my this cousin !! wanna go swimming!! so i with my most teng de cousin and this most nonsense de cousin!! and my god sister and my sister.. and 2 other gay cousin!! go swimming and play bb!!

haha i like to disturb her eh!! i always call her harry potter ... because she small that time naughty then got a scar on her head!! haha she very cute and nice to play with!! ... she likes to disturb me alot!!

haha this is her eh!! hey guys don anyhow think hor!! esp boys... not for u al.. she p 5 only... cannot ar!!

haha sweet eh?? u know why?? surname chew de mah!!

this is her!! freaking zi lian eh she!! but she really very cute!!

she we hop into the car.. and feeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww we go play bb le lor!! haha a good chance to get to know my cousins.. as this is the first time he ask me teach him play bb... haha good eh!! haha 2 naked guys in action!!

haha i am also naked!! but no pics for u guySS !! aha... only for my gf(sobsob if only i hav one!! sobsob) that is jing wei eh!! he is a really very clever person which plays hard and cares abt his study very well ... he maybe childish but he can tok some sense noW!! not like this brother!!

haha i go back and catch the sunset eh !! ahha cool rite??

haha its getting darker le eh!!

wow this is very nice lar.. i wonder if i had a gf watching it with me!! haiz....

hahah the sky is so nice eh!! sitting alone watching!!

haha this is beautifulllllllllll haha i hope u guys like it eh!! haha...

the next pic u see rite?? aiyo is the thingy i say waste money eh.. cuz rite?? one of my uncle hired this guy !! one hour 100 bucks!! just to make balloon eh!! and i think seriously wasting of money lor!!

i really buay tahan him eh... sobsob... aiyo seriously lor !! when my cousin ask him !! erm xiao jui the ppl say 1 hr 100 dollar can mah!! then he say ... can lar so cheap!! for the kids mah... seriously i did stop him lor!!

100 dollars is not cheap eh!! aiyo i really buay tahan him !! he just think that .. it could entertian the kids and bring the bond!! aiyo...

this is the guy and that is my xiao jui!! he is jing wei father!! he is very clever de eh..he is remarkable!! serious !!

the only 2 kids being entertain is this 2 bah!! xiao jui we grow up le!!

haha here comes the bbq!! haha very hungry le eh!! haha.. aiyo... then this is the cray fish and the sting ray!! wa compare to eric chalat this one alot bigger eh!! haha we still hav big big cheese hot dog!! chicken wing blah blah!!

the rest are the normal bbq food !! only this wine is special!! i donknow wat issit.. don look ex to me... but its kinda of nice to drink eh!! haha... i took one sip and i stop!! know why??!! cuz i don like to drink!!

the whole day we hired that guy rite?? actually he kinda of cute lar?? trying to entertain us.. but okok only nia.. the only thingy he did and make me laugh was!! this!!

haha he made a bra for my uncle!! i should hav one!! but hee~~ i clever!!

haha i shall end with this pic eh... cuz i had an early night then i go sleep le!!! haha.. aiyo...

cuz tomorrow i got tuition!! maths... but i staying over!!

cute rite??



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