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Sunday, September 9, 2007
firstly i wanna say happy birthday to keryene!! haha sorry if i spell wrong eh!! as u can see.. i at chalat then hp no money!! so cannot sms and wish u eh!! i hope u see this eh!! i think its kinda of late but sorry eh!!

hey guys let me share with u guys something... now when i write this blog its like 12.49 am le!! eh!! i scare scare eh.. telling u abt the chalat!! my cousin saw something!! i continue!! from tomorrow eh.. seriously i scare.. haha... i tell u all tomorrow. all the pics are taken le.. show u all tomorrow!!

haha i am back eh!! now i start telling u wat will happen!! haiz... aiyo scare all my cousin like hell!!

haha today is finally the jie re over le!!! so i can tell u all eh!! cuz we sleep overnight the chalat eh!! i slept in another room !! this is wat happen eh!! seriously scary ar!! haha... my godsister now pri 6 le!!

now starts to learn to tok on the phone eh!! haha... seriously can tok until very late... when she was toking around 12 rite?? she suddenly saw a lady at the window eh!! no jk eh!! seriously... then she still young gong gong de!!

then she just causally tell my another cousin ying yin ... saying there is a girl outside the window looking at me!! with a very unhappy face eh!!....then my cousin ying yin scolded my god sister!! asking her to don think to much and ask her to sleep!!

the creepy part is this eh!! around 3 am!! my that god sister woke up again and shouted eh!! shout towards ying yin telling her the lady looking at her now!! then my cousin woke up and see!! she shouted and wouldnt dare to say a word!!

and she went back to sleep eh !! next morning!! the cousin scare until don know like wat ... keep saying and saying!! aiyo then don dare go back and sleep!! then i ask my godsister to describe who the thingy look like !!

then she tell me... the lady hav long nose!! unhappy mouth!! deep eye browns and the eyes like staring and popping out!! then they very scare mah... then the next night they plan to sleep together!! more ppl better!! but the creepy thingy is my daughter!!

she die die don wanna sleep in that room!! crying the whole night sia!!eeeeeeeee..... scary!! hey guys i get u guys some pic rite?!?! and one pic of mine!! which we accidently took something

erm i took this pic when i wanna play and act like a blah blah!! or an immortal!! haha.. sobsob... in the end seriously look beside me eh !! sobsob... aiyo.. this freak me like hell!!

okok this 2 is not my friends!! is hui lin friend!! briana send to kun hui and he sent to me eh!!

this is also from them!! aiyo.. u all click and enlarge the pic eh!! then... u all can see le!! sobsob... haiz... seriously scary!!

this is the few pics i can get for u all eh!! i never get it from sfogs or wat... i get it from real friend eh!! ...haha... thats all enjoy!!



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