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Monday, September 3, 2007
firstly i wanna say!! happy birthday to vennom!! my bro!! and happy birthday to net!! my best wgs friend!!

sad to say i purposely don wanna blog for 2 days... just wanna u all to read de 1 of aug post... but i think no one read except for hui lin??!!

hey guys pls go and read can?? its really a sad and true story... i wanna share with everyone because i find that this girl really very wei da and nobody knows wat she has done before!! !

pls read 1st of sept de!!

today is their birthday eh... but too bad only can celebrate only vennom side... because my best friend net never invite me!! i wanna sobsob!! haha... but its ok , at least she rememeber me eh!! haha... aiyo this so so so so so good lar!!

early in the morning till after evening i was rotting at home eh!! because we plan to meet in the evening to go down to town to celebrate eh!! but i was waiting for that girl!! she has to follow her mother to work then bo bian!!

haha aiyo... sianz lor... then i waiti wait wait ... use dota to kill time!! haha i admit dota is a bf stealer... but its a good way to kill time eh!! ahha... so i stay at home... until i really buay tahan!! haha...then go watch bleach!!

haha i like to watch bleach and naruto!! only this 2!! haha aiyo... then i faster go change because she say she come meeting me!! and she really very ai mei lar... cuz bring her go see my brothers she scare mah!!

ahha still need to go home change nice nice!!! haha.... haa....so exciting... then her old habit start again!! always suddenly never sms then suddenly tell me she reached le!! then i don like to keep her waiting ... so i chiong down lor!!

on my way...i almost kanna bang by a taxi!! thx to a indian , he saved!! then walk walk walk... then saw the famous monkey which appear at woodlandS!! haha...

then wa... chiong ar too the mrt... then reached le....then i saw her!! my whole body at the back is super wet... thx to her!! aha then sit mrt to town!!

wa don know wat happen eh... its like nobody go town de eh!! so quiet ehhhh... haha maybe 7 month!! haha... aiyo... then in the mrt tell her the love story!! (hello guys go read ok?? 1 sep de post!!)

she find it really sad ... but after i say finish the story rite?? we reached le.. imagine!! how long i blog it .... so guys go read eh!! really very sad...

haha...then walk to cine ... cuz they singing eh!! ahha ...its inside because of eric got alot of fun ar... cuz at first very little ppl open the room then everyone need to squeeze inside!! then more ppl come!! haha...

then xiangjie and ken also come le... more and more ppl !! hee... then we sing lor... nothing much!!

just wanna say!! marcus de pauline!! very cute!! because eric was like acting he wanna take marcus away... haha... then pauline was like... tap eric hand.. and say bu ke yi bu ke yi!! haha

haha damed cute lar!! wa lau eh... super cute eh!! haaha... she still can act and play along... haha...then we sing for a while nia then go le... actually can sing longer de eh... haha.. but we don wanna!! they rich shit lar!!

haha thx for vennom.. he qing wor men all... haha its like 300 plus if i not wrong!! haha... then they all went down to smoke!! haha.. then eric and more more ppl wanna see pauline de cuteniess... so we started pulling marcus around!!

then snatch him away then pauline still can chase and say bu ke yi!! haha... pauline is a very cute girl eh... haha... when i ask her to sing.. then she can tell me... she sings like linkin park!!

the jk she wanan tell me is she cannot sing.. then she sing like shouting!! nobody really catch the jk as they tot she says she can sing like linkin park!!

cute rite?? there is more... haaa... don wanna say so much later marcus kill me.. but she very cute!! really very cute... haha... haha the she i refer is iris! haha.. nothing to hidE!! haha i am not that kinda of person hide hide ...

she is also very cute eh... haha erm simple to say they act like one bah.. she and pauline.. quiet quiet de... haha... aiyo...

then we were planning wat to eat... then i was thinking ... today is vennom birthday eh.. must eat restruant eh... haha... then wa lau they decide to eat the kopitiam... sianz... wa lau... its like so nonsense!!

haha aiyo... then i strongly disapprove... that we eat there cuz its dirty... and sianz... then we decided to do something special... in the end i jsut give a normal remark... saying we go eat the cup noodles!! 11 of us...

then all say okok... wa then they really wanna buy sia.. then i kbkb then we suddenly remember got 24hr de swensen!! o ya.. then i also rememeber that swensen got the birthday celebration if ur birthday is on that day!!

then i ask all of them to movE!! ahha... then we go there eat lor!! haha... cool eh!! ahha... aiyo... then we walk walk and play play... aiyo since so long eh.. haha never like this de... haha!! so fun !! then we order food ..

then marcus say he qing!! then i feel bad... cuz i wanna pay for iris and mine!! then he insisted!! so good rite?? my brother!! i going to treat him ... after o!! ahha... trust me!! haha thx marcus!! then we hav alot of great food eh!!

haha this is marcus de!! and we hav 2 extra fries!!

this is mine!! and eric de... he wanna eat like mine!! my jui you yuan de brother!!

haha this is zhao dong one!! most ex i think!! but actually everyone is happy.. so he happy and full also very important!!

this is iris and pauline de!! ahha

this is xiangjie de!!

chen yee ken they all ... all eat the same thingy... i don know wat issit!! but all look delicious eh!! ahha.. then eat eat eat.. just like one family!!

all waiting for the food to come!!

haha food come le!! everyone started digging in!! sorry didnt take pauline and iris de pic!! ahha to near le sorry!!

then we chat and eat eat eat!! but chatting was the most fun part eh!! ahha.. aiyo eric and me play paly play.. and really just like jui you yuan de brother!!

haha cuz the things we do all the same eh!! haha... aiyo... fun sia! then very fast eat finish!! le!! then my brother evan then come!! so miss her eh!! see she so sexy!!

haha pretty eh!! ahha very pretty!1 haha ppl tai tai eh!! ahha..

then the swensen ppl started making a mini party for us!! and a ice cake!! and everyone started singing!!ahaha so fun eh!! beside that rite??!! there is alot ppl same birthday with my brother eh!!

cuz when we go in we hear alot of birthday songs!! haha

haha this guy is the manager!! haha.. he is a very funny person thx to him!! haha

haha vennom was ask to stand on the chair!! haha!!

haha 19 year old virgin

haha oral!! ahha looking at their facial expression .... i safetly conclude that everyone is happy!!

haha started singing lor!! haha... we sing 3 verison de sia!!

marcus pay de bill and we are off!! ahha the meal is 170 dollars...i don know why we are so young but we spend like adults... and we go out like adults!! hate ppl look at us tot we nobody buy or pay money!! haha...

all the brothers will be planning to go to batam.. at the december hoildays!! haha... shiok sia!!

before i send iris home!! ahha we took at pic eh!! ...

haha sobosb... there is no me!! haha cuz i taking pics!! haha...

haha now ask ppl to take for us le!! ahha.. nice rite?? there should be more brothers but they all ... some msia and some sick!!

sianz ... since eric birthday rite?? the whole group never come out together again!! haiz... i hope soon ar... maybe chalat!! again!! ahha i gtg guys...

i purposely never blog because i really wanna u guys to read.. post 1 of sep eh!! so pls read it!!



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