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Wednesday, September 5, 2007
sorry for the late post i very sad abt the girl again!! haiz... just wanna elborate futher!!

u guys know i hav very high expections when it comes to judgeing ppl looks but seriously if pretty can come out from my mouth... ya... she is pretty... but i compare the one i saw now its still look alike but just a matter of 2 weeks she put on much weight.. which is kinda of sad...

i never wanna give comment on her size or look.. but seriously i think most of the ppl who read my blog are girl rite?? let me ask u this question!! u are kinda of pretty once , u hav alot of bf ... and due to ur sickness u hav no choose but to eat the medicine!!

and knowing the medicine will make u put on weight , day by day.. and the med can only control ur sickness but cannot cure it!! seriously girls , i ask u guys?? will u all still eat it?? haiz.. i find it really very sad...

a girl... slim... looking at the mirror , day by day , putting more and more weight just because of the med!! and she has no choice!! she cannnot choose eh!!

usually girls are very concern with their weight and looks..

i just write abt my story!! i went to school for my phy.. in the end!! i think its a waste of time for me.. cuz i never listen.. i think i o lvl cannot make it le!! i never study eh!! sobsob... aiyo... forget it!!

then i go causeway meet iris and xinying!! to watch ratouile eh.. don know how to spell... but its a very interesting story!! haha.. kinda of cute to me!! haha.. then i send her home and meet eric they all play bb!!!

haha wa on our way to take bus.. i found out that ... i know why the shops around this woodgrove place... will dao bi...and no business haha.. u wanna know y?? haha look at this pic~~~

see?? no difference from a dead town!! haha...

haha then when we are on the way to sit bus rite?? haha... very funny eh... eric keep on singing loud loud... saying he very high!! haha so lame lar.. haha

the funny part is.. while walking the singing westlife de song... then he sing loud loud... suddenly got one uncle wearing a ear piece also.. suddenly korrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr pui!! haha laugh until i buay tahan!!

but i think .. the uncle just nice wanna spit his phyem bah.. lol !! laugh until i buay tahan!! haha...aiyo then go play bb then play for a while... ppl fight then cannot play.. sianz then we go seesaw...and sit!!

then once again!! eric disturbing..cy again!! haha.. aiyo...

haha sorry kinda of darkk.... because all the lights are off!! haha...

then we chat abt alot of stuffs!! haha then suddenly eric wanna go ken house take the moniter then we went home after tt!!haha... aiyo... then we wanna try using plasma tv to play dota eh!!

so we at eric hse and its really very cute eh!! damed cool lar... ahaha aiyo!! haha

haha this is the plasma!!

haha... aiyo.. cool rite?? haha 38 inch!! haha... cool eh!!?? haha.. aiyo..

then play for a while ... sianz le !! then eric start look at ken folder!!then suddenly ken dad is home!! ahhhhh then eric very cheeky de mah.. go put ken "gf" photo big big at the tv!! ahha... look !!

haha see cool rite??!! haha ken got nothing to say!! haha... aiyo... poor thingy!!

haha aiyo... nonsense eh!! haha aiyo. .then eric buay tahan ... wanna confess to sophia!!

haha see!! haha... cute rite??!! haha to bad.. but my eirc is unavailble le!! haha sorry guys!!

we sit cab!! home.. and play dota!! then sleep!! haha bye



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