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Sunday, July 1, 2007
OK SERIOUSLY I DON KNOW WAT COLOUR TO CHOOSE NOW EH?? cham liao... i tried to change my blogskin in the end turn up to be such colour??!!

sorry guys i get it fix soon eh??!! today wake up le... kinda of sad ... see some sms which made me real sad... and i went to read my horoscope??!! its like so true lar... this is wat it says...

the wild child inside u...may not feel like going out now... but its ok!!??

very jun rite?? after the message i totally like sianz diao... don feel like going out le..!!i always believe alot in horoscope... they can like teach me or guide me to gup my life??!! of cuz i know such thingy cannot be so superstitious...

early in the morning i on my com wa so sianz... really nothing to do.. keep thinking abt the message... but nvm lar... forget it... nothing de ... hee... when i on my computer... weenah(my brother) ask me to add her in msn so she can send me the pics of my modeling eh??!!

those clear one!?!? haha see nice or not... tag in the comment to tell me eh??!!

i look very guai rite?? look like school boy eh??!! haha.. took by weenah??!! haha aiyo.. i look stupid??!! haha now i wanna show u all i cool and man !!?? haha

man enough mah?? haha aiyo... i like this pic alot sia... this is the first time i know i can be so cool eh??!! wa lau??!! muackx to weenah... thx so much!!??

haha hee look nice mah?? wa if we couple don know how shiok rite?? but we are modeling mates ?? haha...

she HOOK my HANDS??!! HAHA AIYO??!! so shiok lar... she very sweet rite?? aiyo...

this pics??!! u all can really see she really look like rachael gan eh??!! but my mate look more sweet !!??

my modeling mate sexy rite?? haha u see the wat she walk aiyo??!! but my brothers even more sexy??!! haha

haha aiyo... this is took when we are.. having rehearsal ??!! haha ...haha... the one beside me is evan and the other look like lin weit ing!!??

this is the actual one??!! haha look alike same like rehearsal ritE?? haha well train?!?! actually we didnt lar.. rehearsal one time nia.. cuz all late... come... so cham liao... but it turn out good eh??!!

haha so guys ??!! nice mah?? HAHA SEE?? haha aiyo... tag at my tag board to give me comments eh??!!

haha... nothing to do eh.. so i blog blog lor... aiyo... then suddenly hav the urge to play bb... i think 4 months le bah.. i never touch... everytime jiu shi pool ... haha then i think going fat fat... scare all my packs all go!!??

haha go down as usual play play play... win win win.. lor... haha as usual lar... but actually quite no fun lor...cuz play with same ppl... but is actually the laughter lar... i like to play with hai ming they all...

because can laugh... haha i mean i can just enjoy... aiyo... then go back 338 that saw that bunch of girls le??!!


then i walk over to shoot shoot lor... wa then those girls make me so ps again... i walk over they look at me and laugh like one kind ??!!

then the bo xin de xue ting came to me... wish me happy birthday??!! belated de... so no heart lor... then i ask her wat they laughing...

then she tell me.. they laugh at me saying i look like one superstar... aiyo... this is not the first time le.. there is a girl keep on asking the new friends she bring to play bb aiyo...

then all of them start nodding their head eh... and smile n laughing towards me.. i blog abt this last time before.. don know my readers go ying xiang mah... aiyo... i don wanna mention who is the superstar!!

cuz very ps i don think ppl will believe??!! but actually I LIKE BEING MYSELF DON WANNA LOOK LIKE ANYONE !! but the look like superstar thingy not only the girls say lar... alot of times le...other ppl also got??!!

but i wanna be myself??!! cuz i UGLY DAO UNIQUE !!??

haha i think i wanna end the story le... i very sick now eh??!! haiz plus the message hor... sad dao don know like wat shit lar... stupid sia... ??!! haha bye bye guys....tomorrow i changing my blogskin again eh??!! pls wait??!!



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