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Saturday, June 23, 2007

but let me start with a jk here eh.. this is true ... it happen on my birthday eh??!! haha bt i never blog abt it.... now i tell u all ar... haha cuz that day my friends and i went out mah... then we were all craving for water... but i am craving for food??!! haha then marcuz bought anything!!(the new drink) a old idea flash into my mind!! which i don dare to do last time??!!

so i decided to take my first step!!?? ahha so this is my order?!?!

jeremy: uncle sui bian yi guan??!!

uncle:huh na yi guan(which one??)

jeremy: sui bian yi guan lor!!

narrator: when jeremy said that... the uncle shout... na yi guan!!?? wit alot of gusto and feelings into it (just like the adverstisment for anything and watever... that the counter person don know wat we toking...or wat we want... then very ji dong!!)

hey guys try to imagine eh... haha the first time i watch the adverstisment then i think of changing it to chinese then go disturb ppl??!! haha... haha haven finish my jk... haha then i tell uncle haha... sorry sorry.. uncle da bao 1 ge!!?? haha then the uncle very du lan me!!??

haiz... aiyo... start with my story eh yesterday i sleep until to late.... then i need to go church?!?! ahhhhhhhh wake up faster go bathe... do everything then go church?! wa bring everything out eh??!! then the 2 most important thingy i never do and bring i never charge my phone eh??!! and i NEVER BRING MONEY??!! DIAO!!
haiz then bo bian go draw money lor... lucky i got the card!!?? ahha aiyo... ezlink?!?! haha aiyo... then take my ezlink go draw money lor(sound stupid rite?)haha then i go buy so so so many bread... to fill my stomache... haha i am lo di king..??!! haha always eat bread de??!! haha then go to sit mrt le??!! haha nothing happen?!

WA SO TIRED... LAR... we reached there and we were late!! MY HP NO BATT SOMEMORE HAIZ!! aiyo... so my good brother xiang jie lend me his phone and sms ... haha sms... alll the wayy... then go find teacher with the baby eh??!! haha but i find something even more interesting eh?? look at this baby chair??

haha see???!! this... this is my teacher... baby chair?? guess how much??!! 800 dollars sia??!! aiyo!!

then we wanna go into the room that time ... we saw this??!! isnt it pretty??!!

haha look like concert rite??haha next time my house will be like this eh?? haha i swear eh??!! haha!!

my teacher always complain my stuffs so ex eh??!! but hers leh...?? wa her baby so xing fu?!?! haiz... aiyo... attend church service...then finish le... church thingy... got hav dinner with my care group... wa i am SO SO SO TOUCHED??!! HAHA THEY PREPARE CAKE FOR ME EH??!! haha...aiyo...

so good sia... then so many ppl sing birthday song for me... hee... so so so good eh... haha i am so touched... haha wa... so many ppl sing sia...

haha after eating the cake ... me and xiang jie to bugis for the clubbing thingy... look at this ticket... is design...by my brother!! haha... nice rite??

ahaha cool rite?? my brother design de leh... and they somemore are the organiser sia?!?! haha

haha this is the clubbing ticket lor... haha then me and xiang jie go bugis meet eric??!! haha but when we reached xiang jie need to go find his friends.... so me eric and cheeyee go play dota lor... haha all of the sudden eric and me like to play dota so much... haha aiyo... but we very noob lar...
haha off to club le... haiz seriously actually i don wanna blog abt the club lor... there is so much thingy happened eh !!! haha aiyo... sobsob...lor... haiz... no fun at all... seriously i don like to club lor... cuz i hav never enjoy it eh...

yesterday i was walking around... helping all my friends... cuz my friends are drunk... !! haiz... i don like to club lor... own eyes see all my brothers like this eh... haiz...haiz...so sianz..lor seriously i wont club again lar... every time go club...don dance don drink... all i do is take care ppl...damed sianz...lor...

take care still fine or ok... but looking at all of them torturing themself?? haiz... damed sad lar... u all see our hands u all know the difference le...

see everybody got the tag...but mine is chop?? eh?? tag is above 18 then can get de .... that means can drink or smoke in the club...but they same age with me... why i don hav leh?? cuz i don wanna... haha.. haha hee quite stupid rite?? aiya seriously when they ask me why don take... i don smoke or drink mah... take for wat??

haha i good rite?? haha aiyo... then took a pic with xiao rui then go teach her play pool??!! cuz don wanna go into the club very noisy!! haha aiyo... she is a very very very fast learner... eh??!! super fast... very good to teach !! haha this is xiao rui??!!

haha aiyo... i really don know how to take pics lar... i look so stupid... haha aiyo... but she pretty rite?? do we look like couple again??!! haha but friends nia...haha ...

after 4 hours of walking here and there??!! finally the clubbing is over... but fighting everywhere haiz... i don wanna say to much lar... cuz very sad??!! haiz

o ya last thingy very important... eh... i hope everyone can visit this site... i not trying to show or be a good person ... or crapping like saving the world eh??!! but seriously i hope everyone can visit this website??!! its abt children pornography!! i hope everyone can give ur support to stop all this eh??!! pls support it... it don really need u to pay money or wat...

just go to this website eh???!! i had a friend send me this webby... and i take a look and i am touched by the youngs kids... so i decided to spread the word... and hope everyone could do something for this children or save the world eh??!! pls.... pls... this is the websit

http://www.one.org/ and www.lightamillioncandles.com



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