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Thursday, June 28, 2007

i don wanna blog anything abt school bah... because today early in the morning because of leehom almost late norh...then i still purposely wanna jay walk and see wat school the school guard going to do abt me??!!

i was thinking whether will she ask me and go back to cross again??!! haha so funny lar... haha but she didnt.. she wanna complain then say wat we cham or die...

my school life is not really interesting lar... unless my kampong friends and evan are around??!! if not usually i sleep in class lor... then today ya...!!?? i sleep for phy... then sleep for maths!? but early morning melisa?? gave me a birthday present... she really go and buy eh?? make me so touched??!!

she at first forget my birthday.. then early in the morning she gave me eh??!!aiyo.. sobsob i shall take the pic tomorrow or when collect everything eh??!! haha good leh she??!! she is the best ang mor friend i ever had??!!

haha suddenly evan keep asking everyone if we are able to choose wat can we be??!! when we die and tou tai...so everybody ans lar... but don know why evan suddenly ask us...

eh if u all next time give birth rite?? ur doctor is man de hua u all will ps or not ar?! evan ask de!!??

after she ask this everyone burst into laughter... then me and evan was like opening our legs wide!? and shout push push push??!! haha then everyone was like laughing lar...

haha nothing much until they start to use my snore thingy to attack me!!?? sobsob so bad lar??!! they all... firstly.. i wanna explain??!! during eric chalat??!! i was sleeping then i will snore because to tired... but then nvm...

then i hav this sickness... which nobody will believe... which is i cant really sleep air con room or wat... but i still sleep lar don care lar... then my sickness is... when ppl sleep their saliva is drip/drool out de rite??!! but mine is falling backwards de??!!

aiyo??!! u know when i say this they don believe eh??!! they laugh until more jia lat... cuz they not doctor they wont understand that this sickness do exist??!! let me explain wat will happen eh??!! usually when this thingy comes... like period!!?? haiz the saliva and pyhem will stuck at the throat??!!

causing it to hav difficulty to come out.. slowly i will hav throat infection , cough , flu, lastly is fever... and this thingy comes 2 a months??!! POOR THINGY RITE??!!

BUT ALL MY CLASS BARBARIANS ... WHICH COMES FROM THE KAMPONG WOULD ACTUALLY BELIEVE... WAT EVAN SAYS??!! haiz so sad lar... so at eric chalat i was sleeping then i snore... just all of the sudden i was CHOKE by my own saliva ...

which created a large funny sound lar.. so till that day... evan will start going around telling ppl how i snore.. and when i try my very best to explain nobody listen lor... sobsob... its a sickness why still got ppl wanna laugh??!! haiz!!

i cant be bothered lar??!! wa lau... no don qing xin at all... kui i love the kampong gangs so much??!! haha... then recess le lar.. jk over... haha wa recess??!! guess who i saw... while i was eating??!!

I SAW MY SWEETHEART...??!! HAHA ACTUALLY WE SELDOM TOK ALSO...cuz shy mah... but wa see her smile... then i eat also got mood sia... so shiok... hee... aiyo... she really sweet mah so give her the name sweet heart..??!! haha

so recess over le lar... wa then i saw few idiots playing bb at the bbc ... so idiot lar.. firstly don know how to play... secondly body wet wet sweat sweat go back class... thirdly make me remind of the old days where my leg is ok and i can play almost everyday??!!

with the pros... but now haiz.. touch also never touch.. abt 4 months le bah.. i really feel like playing again?!!

haiz... nvm ...go back class... wa chinese lesson... then nothing to do mah... i see got one bottle under the table... then i poke one hole the squeeze water lar... then suay suay i playing until so shiok and kiddo ... my most tian zhen de yi mu!!??

my teacher came lar??!! haha then catch me... ask me go outside... face the wall!!?? sobsob ... wa so ps... but i respect my teachers alot.. i don scold or ding jui de... i will listen to them??!! wat ever they say i will listen??!!

this is something important... suddenly mr lim came??!! haha this is the conversation?!

mr lim: i wanna u to take part in the humanities game.. for our house??!!

jeremy: wat for sia... my humans no good... why will u choose me??

mr lim: aiya i go into ur class then i ask who is the best in humans mah... then everybody say u ... then u in my house wat??!!

narrator : jeremy heart was flying in the air??!! because he felt so shiok that his class all say he humans very good.. and somemore that time in his class... is a mixed class of malays... still got other sec 5 class.. and he heard all of them said his name??!!

jeremy :really ar... but i very stupid de leh.. lose how??

mr lim: wont lar.. i see u quite clever !! help me win...

hey guys see that mah??!! aiyo... i so happy lar... aiyo.. sobsob ... aiyo.. then go back class for home room lor... haha aiyo... damed sianz lar.. 2 teacher kbkb us...??!! for like 20 mins??!!

I KNOW THEY SAY ALL THAT FOR OUR OWN GOOD... our class don listen wat... aiyo... nonsense ... i wanan say them lar.. they stupid segar.. when teacher scold scold scold... she keep looking at me... don know for wat..

aiyo.. sobsob lor... then i don like the tense atmosphere.. so i crack jk again??!! haha everybody laugh again.. but i kanna tiao??!! diao??!! haha aiyo forget it...

after scolding and the thingy lar... then me and ivan go do dnt lor.. actually ivan don need to do liao.. ivan helping me sia.. he stay back 3 days just to help me!!??

TO IVAN: hey thx eh?? u are the best liao lar.. no students or friend ever help me like that u are the first one eh??!! even though we not close u still help me i am really touched by ur actions??!! haha and today we made something impossible into possible rite??!! really thx??!!

aiyo.. then i do do do like 3 hours i buay tahan liao wanna go home.. but i still need to pei my CUTE EVAN BROTHER TO SHOPPING??!! she very zhong shi my taste...and she thinks that MY TASTE OF CHOOSING GIRLS STUFF IS VERY GOOD EH??!!

haha good lor... let me descirbe myself... i am quite femine ar... i don know how to spell lar... but i am more to like girl girl de lor.. i only know how to shope for girls stuff eh??!! haha aiyo... i seldom buy presents for ppl because when i really buy i used my heart to think??!!

and whether the thingy is useful to her... and suit her size?? skin colour ?? and face bah..so i choose not really very long... but hard to find.. because one i say the girl thingy is nice its confirm nice... every time i go oversea and buy things for my friends... then my family or friends see le.. will ask me eh very nice eh?? where u buy??!! haha aiyo ... and etc...

then got one boy ... name.. ben ... tell me... that he found out i only know how to choose girls stuff and its very nice de??!! haha cool rite?? haha as usual.. evan asking for my advice lor... haha aiyo... she bring to c n k?? know wat issit??

charles and keith??!! haha nonsense lar.. the bag... there is 2 very nice de... but too lady like.. evan don like again.. and don suits her going to clubbing lar... she got to many handbags le lar.. thats why today choosing for her is a very great challenge for me eh??!! haha

but bo bian she my brother i will pei her de... so we walk only 2 places... and its like walk le more than 3 hours lor... wa i wanna die soon lor.. i choose for her le she say don wanna cuz the brand not pop... she rather go buy the got brand but plain and normal de... very nonsense rite??

i wonder wat are the teenagers thinking now lor... i choose is like so nice... then she not satisfied cuz she wanna nice and got brand de... so ma fan lor... then walk in and out of the shops.. as though like we are stealing things??!! aiyo... aiyo... i tried like toking 1 hr plus trying to use my words to convince her..

not to buy from cnk lor...??!! she still don listen until i bring her walk around and see this 2 bag... haha this 2 bag i choose de... very nice rite??

aiyo this one is the best liao... but the price also the best lar... its 290... but its really very beautiful... when i pointed to this direction she was nodding her head le... saying not bad... and she spot this behind it..??!!

haha the next one is i choose de lor... wa she don know how to choose de lor... at first she choose the bag in cnk was like so bulky lar.. still wanna bring to club?? nonsense rite?? this one nice rite?? i choose de??!! its a hk brand... and its suppose to be imported into singapore later in 2 months times.. but evan bought it with a very price!!

i don know why this 2 bags don look so attractive like this lor... haha aiyo... but i got ppl support me eh??!! because after buying ... evan went to look for her friend working at metro... then i ask her show the girl.. then ask for comment... then the girl!!??

say both thingy i choose??!! is like so not bad lar... when she look at the bag... wat i was thinking and wanting to show the world or ppl ... that when evan took this bag she will be presentable and lady like??!!

so this is the conversation?!?!

evan: eh hao kan mah??

wan zhen : eh hao kan.. not bad eh??!! very lady lor.. seriously not bad.. ni dai le hui hao kan??!!

narrator : evan look at jeremy and smile... then evan took out the new make up she bought also choose by jeremy ... and once again... the girl said nice and better ... and alot lar... and after do and say goodbye??!! evan never say thx to jeremy.. then jeremy wanna sobsob!!

so happy lor.. aiyo.. see my taste.. haha aiyo.. good rite so pei evan walk here and there to settle the bank money damed nonsense lar.. my leg going to bk le lor.. suddenly my sis call??!! then ask me go eat with her.. so i shall skip the waiting part...

she ask me not to late then she let me wait 20 mins... then still dare to kbkb na bei?!?! aiyo so i eat something which is qing dan??!! haha look at this ??!!

my sis eat one !! actually also i eat de lar.. we went to cafe cartel.. haha eat until so full... then my desert came??!! haha aiyo...

haha this is my ice cream??!!inside got so many kitkat lar... haha aiyo... yummy... haha hee??!! shiok lor...

wa eat finish le then we decided go walk walk... so suddenly we saw this shop damed cute lar??!! now i know where to buy my limited edition thingy... but i find ALL THIS IS A WASTE OF MONEY... CUZ CANNOT USED.. but buy as present for ppl??!! also not bad...

because all the stuff in the shop are all import... direct from japan... with certs... and not very ex... haha but all very CUTE!! LOOK AT IT!!??

HAHA THIS IS THE ONE PIECE!!?? deer??!! cute rite??!! haha aiyo.. still got alot.. haha all so cute??!!

haha see....4 spongebob with 4 different expression eh??!! cute rite?? haha aiyo.. hee???!! so cute?? i don wanna tell u all where to buy... aiyo.. so cute lar... ??!! but waste of money sia... but i know alot ppl like it... actually i wanna buy the wallet... but very ex 28 dollars.. so ex... !!?? aiyo.. i don like to buy soft toys for ppl cuz not sincere and no use.. but all this really VERY CUTE!!??

HAHA MY SWEETHEART FAVOURITE??!! haha aiyo.. cute rite?? so cute lar... aiyo.. this is all from the shop.. theirs stuffs is really all from jap eh??!!

2 sweetheart: u like it mah.. if u like it sms me ok??!! haha i tell u where to buy.. if not i buy for u..since u like that so much eh??!! shhhh .. cannot tell ppl ??!! haha aiyo..

aiyo... the we go shop more lor... then everywhere i go i see winnie the pooh , my sweetheart favourite?! lor??!! haiz... will remind me of her sia..aiyo... i wonder will she remember me lar hor??!! haha aiyo.. nvm..never also can... cuz i not somebody hs or important... wat??!! haha aiyo..

after walking all the shops are going to close.. so sit mrt with sis... and now i am home blogging?!?! just now bathe le now going to sleep ... aiyo 1 am again??!! sorry gtg??!!



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