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Saturday, June 30, 2007

sorry for the late post... but it my connection fault eh??!!

sorry guys i know u all hav to do alot of reading eh??!! so so so so so so sorry ??!!

wa i early moring wake up hav to climb...erm should say crawl cuz very tired eh??!! haha aiyo.. i need to go for my pool training eh??!! haiz.... actually kinda of tired eh??!! aiyo... still hav to go all the way for the training??!!

aiyo its ok lar... consider is i ask for it de... who ask me wanna start playing this sport for my studys?? haha but bo bian lar... aiyo... play until national le cannot STOP!!!??

didnt really wanna blog much abt my training eh??!! cuz i was playing the whole day never rest... haiz... but i am more into my fathers games??!! cuz today is ranking eh??!!

which mean the first 2 will be representing singapore for SEA GAMES N GUNINSESS 9 BALL TOUR??!!

my dad is playing the guninsess 9 ball tour (sorry i don know how to spell) on this friday??!! haha u all shall see the advertisment?? in somerset mrt station...!!?? a big one!!??

haha GOOD LUCK DAD??!!

so i am watching my father game lar... he win and play few incredible shots lar... but to me everything seems kinda of normal because he always do it.. since young i hav been following him.. ??!!

oook.. he win lar... haha 7 person.. fighting for the first 2 placing... tomorrow still got one more round... hope he win??!!

actually come to think of it... its me and my sis fault which causes my dad to be so tired... and didnt perfrom quite well during this years... because my dad need to feed us!!?? he need to coach ppl for money??!!

and i know the feeling of coaching ppl?? he let me coach before and i know the feeling its so tring...i just coach for one hour but i cant take it le!?!? imagine he has to teach the whole day to feed us??!! SOBSOB...

actually coming to think of it my dad is quite a great dad already... i know my parents cant give me love and time n i don even hav a house to stay in eh.. nothing i saw , i wanted belongs to me??!!

never and i know i cannot depend on them cuz they wont give me... so all the while i hav been saving my own money eh??!!

in everybody eyes i am very rich because of the things i use eh... but all this is i save de... because i don take extra money from parents to buy anything...

thats why sometimes i very ENVY!!?? children or friends of mine which can shen shou yao qian to buy wat they wanna...??!! haiz i still hav to save my own(strictly my own , no other allowance or wat)

in ppl eyes my parent or saying my dad did not do wat the suppose to do and give me... my relatives friends everyone is saying that... but i don mind eh??!! i know wa he has done for us eh??

even though he cant give us the basic but i know he is working very hard eh??!! i can see that... if he don need to feed me and my sis.. he don hav to teach...?? this is wat i hear from his gf??!!

this is wat she said that strike me hard: ur dad can play so well even overseas player know him and fear him...u see his result u know le , he can even coach the nationals players... but why after the years he dui bu so much eh??

its because of u and ur sis... he has to coach so long and hard... u know coaching is so different that training on the table?? its more difficult eh??!! not easy??!!he can be champion always if he don need to coach and spent more time training!!

haiz...sorry guys for saying all this ... u all don hav to read bah.. i scare waste u all the time eh??!!

so after everything my dad decided to watch movie??!! then i wanna watch transformer eh?? haha aiyo... then we go watch lor??!! same again ... full house... but my dad know that i know that show alot... so wanna watch lor...

so we buy our tickets and cross over the road and eat ba guk teh??!! haha sucks lar.. no nice somemore so ex... na bei bluff our money...??!! haha so we eat finish... but no place to go so we decided to go mac eat ice cream... then

the mac is like so so so pack with humans lar??!! wa lau... u see this is the seat i share with my dad??!!

that my butt ..??!! the green n blue one is my butt... the black one is my dad??!! haha crazy rite?? 2 share one?? so stupid lor

so we decided to go back to the car lar... haha go tou feng but when we started driving and go to the exit we cant go out because of some idiot anyhow park the car and block the path ..??!! aiyo??

so we went back to our secert hid out... staying in the car!??

looking at other vicims??? actually sad to say they are idiots lar...MING MING CANNOT CROSS THE STILL WANNA GO ALL THE WAY IN??!! so we sit in the car and laugh all the way lor.. until i turn and saw this eh??!!


wa i turn and see this... scare me like hell lar... so nonsense lar... aiyo.. i don like the feeling i can see its rather lonely there... maybe the room in my heart is just like this??!!

so times up we went up to watch the movie??!! wa the movie is like 2 hr 30 mins or 40 mins long lar...erm i would comment this show as okok lar?!?!


go watch all this show eh??!! really very nice sia.. .never bluff??!! bye everyone??



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