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Monday, June 18, 2007
seriously today damed ... FUN LAR!!...

wa lau i so long never so fun before le lor.. i how wish/hope that i can guo bu tong teenager de shen huo!! haiz... i so long never play le... everyday is modeling thingy if not pool... where gt time to go out and play so relax and just enjoy each and everyday eh??!!

haha let me start the story with my daughther eh??!!

haha isnt she so cute??look like me rite?? haha anyway rite?? haha sorry for the blur pic eh??!! i was just woke up from my la la land!!?? hee

let me tell u all this story eh... this froggy is mine lar... actually wanna give her de... cuz i cant play with it!! but she naughty so don wanna give her??!! haha so hor one day rite?? when i go home i saw her with the frog then i will scold scold scold and alot lar... she don dare to cry!! then guai guai put back... then very long never touch le leh??!! haha

this is very very very very CUTE??!! PLS USE UR IMAGINATION !! HAHA!!??

haha i just reach home then i saw my digital cam on the table... then i took and see the pics lar... then suddenly she ran out eh?! she shout loud loud: wat u doing!? don touch... then scream!!?? now she very guai lan!!?? will scold stupid... or ppl wanna beat her still must wait??!! haha .... aiyo...in the end u guess??!! wat i saw in the cam??? SHE HUGGING MY FROGGY??!! POSTING SO MANY PATTERN??!! haha very cute rite?? she still can remember she took photos n shout don let me see!! i say nae nae ni pu pu!! haha then she run away!! haha she so scare i know!!??

cute rite?? buay tahan her??!!lor haha show u another pics of hers haha??!!
haha nvm!! haha this is my daughter eh??!! haha aiyo...so so so cute??!! haha aiyo... i don say so much... alot ppl jealous liao?!?!

haha okok me , eric n marcus... go town!? haha relax lar... this time eh??!! so fun lor... hee show u this pic when we are in the mrt!! we laugh until buay tahan!! haha

haha let me explain eh??!! i am sorry that i was not able to take when the boy cover his ear eh??!! haha damed funny lar... eric was playing this boy eh??!! haha eric was saying!! : bu yao cuo wor hen tong!! bu yao wan...(meaning don hit me or touch me very pain?!?!)...let me explain... the boy was hitting and stomping the grounds and alot of stuffs lar... then eric disturb him... acting he is the ground toking to the boy!!??U KNOW THE BOY SCARE MAH?! HE COVER HIS EAR SIA??!! haha....

i laugh like fuking hell lar... haha he go cover his ears!! aiyo??!! haha hee when we reach orchard le!! wa first time i so scare sia...wa really first time eh??! haha??!! aiyo... this is the worst worst worst... aiyo i don know how to say lar... i scare sia... first time eh?!! haha

this is wat happen when we walk out of orchard mrt station rite?? suddenly got 2 girls chiong to me... eh... wanna stop me... is something like charity lar... but why me... i scare like hell.. fucking marcuz and eric so clever... see i kanna le run away... then i faster siam and run and hide behind marcuz eh??! haha wa lau... u know... when u walk out then toking to ur friends....

suddenly got 2 person just chiong and wrap u??!! wtf !! stupid lor... haha!! haha

wa then we decided to walk indoor eh??!! haha then we started playing this stupid game... not game lar is disturb ppl lor... so stupid lar... from the back we will A A A A A... A MARCUS AR... haha then the front person will turn... the mistook us calling them... haha almost got 10 of the ppl kanna bluff so funny lar....

haha then we went herren leh??!! haha aiyo go limited vault haha... marcus go buy his shoes.... haha 200 plus sia.. i think ar... i think... is limited edition... quite ex eh??!! haha skip the shopping part lar... haha time to play eh??!! haha ...

go to cine play POOL!! haha then wa so shiok i find out that i scold ppl how my father scold me eh??!! haha but i very du lan... how ppl see us lor... even eric also got say...lor...

eric: aiyo the ppl here... all see u teach teach teach...then they tot children teach children nia...

jeremy: ya lar so du lan... the opp table see don know wat lan jiao... he play until kanna lan... i see le aiyo... like nonsense lor.. not happy come challenge me lar...

wa me and this convesation with eric damed du lan lor... wa lau... all very action sia see see see...i never act lor... aiyo... but wat thingy i very happy is...both of my brothers finally know playing pool not easy eh??!! is a thinking game... not like those typical ppl playing those 7 or 8 feet ppl then playing 8 ball in in in ...then very good... now they know my ku after i teach them??!!

and today they saw alot of difference in me... even my father KUA ME SIA... FIRST TIME... eating half way he suddenly say... i can see u improve alot ar... u are even faster than i expected!!

wa i hear that i shiok dao... but i also can see myself lar...just 2 weeks and i am able to play like one pool player... ??!! (meaning a person which really know abt this game ??!!) i now can proudly say or to be singapore youth le...!!! cuz now at least got touch the table eh??!! last time is 3 years one time ... don know the game at all...!!!

wa...don wanna say pool le!!! hee!! we go play lan eh??!! haha go play dota!! wa chiong chiong chiong... haha 3 idiots.. playing until so cham... went to play 3 hours sia... haha long sia... aiyo... then nvm...haha best part is i go back play my COUNTER STRIKE!! haha i that one also 3 years touch one time but i still pro eh??!! almost met my match today??!! artic??!! sia??!! in the BUUMMMMMM!! STILL DIE!!?? haha still lose me....

haha i am very proud of that eh... alot of my friends tell me they how pro how pro... all this then play with me le... then hahahahahaha!? haha aiyo... so fun lar??!! haha...but kinda of sad sia... fun thingy end so fast... we need to go home le.. !! sobsob... haiz.... aiyo tomorrow still got school eh??!! haha aiyo... now is 2 am le.. i still haven sleep... tomorrow i need to excersise eh??!!

haha my schedule!!??: 19 june!! go school... after school go eat... then reach home change play bb!! then go gym then go home eat and sleep??!! before that??!! sit ups??!!(last min sia!? don know can help mah...haiz)

20 june: go school... after school... go home change... pool !!! haha must train cannot slack ...after hoildays no chance to play liao... interview for poly coming liao...

21june: go school?? nah... go gym... last min work out.. force out all the muscle liao lar!!?? haha that nite ateaqah eh??(clubbing) i will be the model for the club!! haha TOPLESS!! WA SO SCARY!!

22june: wa wait for friends to ask me out.. so lonely rite?? haiz... my brothers all sure sleep de??? haiz... don know will got present or not... sobsob... haiz... hope got lar.. haiz.. don even know whether will ppl ask me out or not... haiz...

23june: going church eh??!! haha geraline... say die die must go.. don know why??!! but after that nitez going clubbing... promise... the twins eh... my brothers... must go eh...!! aiyo...so tired...

24june: hope can sleep ar... haha going for modeling photoshoot/photoshot ar?? haha i don know lar...just as long another modeling thingy eh?? wa different company... aiyo.. i also scare... haha...

25june: cut hair... MY BIGGEST NIGHTMARE... CUT LE JIU become very very very ugly... now i only ugly nia... now i ugly still got girls stare!! cut le... don even hav ppl stare eh??!! haiz... aiyo... sobsob ...

i blog wat are the presents i wish to get/received on my birthday!!?? again??hahaa(updated...i suddenly remember wat i don wanna!!)
anyway to beneifit everyone... i decided to write again bah...


1st: i wanna my grandmother n my familys(including god parents and sister/brothers) n brothers(friends) , yingyin(cousin) to hav good health and succeed in life!! and live happily

2nd:i wanna clear n score well for my o lvls!! and do well in my sports!! go to poly!! succeed in life !!

3rd: i wanna be more handsome ,charming, cool, loveable,taller, etc eh!!

4th:i wanna get 1st in pool/snooker in a very young age!! n continue to be a CHAMPION!!

5th: I WANNA HAV A GF!! THEN MARRIED WITH ME N HAV BABIES!!(that means i hav to be strong and fit... upper part and lower part!! (erm sounds dirty !!)but i cannot be impotent!! hav to be big and strong (body n .....!!) don anyhow think...!!


lst:i wanna a laptop!!(val i am hinting u!! haha i know its kinda of impossible lar...so u think abt other thing norh.. but got laptop even better!! i wanna those real laptop hor!! don buy fakeones or toys!!)

2ND: i wanna sony mylo(its a hp just like psp!! erm only sold in japan!!?? hope to get it real soon eh??!!)

3rd : more limited edition stuffs eh!? like shoes , shirts, bags, and etc...something which i can use eh??!!so when i look at it... it will remind me of U!! (i like limited edition stuffs alot eh... my bag, my phone , my psp , even beyblade is limited edition de eh??!! alot eh?! ) but DON BUY!!...those ZINC BAG... WHICH PUT BIG BIG LIMITED EDITION!! NONSENSE SIA!! it must be nice ar??!! the design!!

4TH: if u really really really really don know wat to buy... actually can give me ang pow sia!! haah but the best is think wat to buy for me eh??!! ( i will be more happy ... as i know u all use ur heart to think and wat to buy for me...) choose this option unless bo bian eh??!!

5th: o ya!! i wanna ps3!! haha play station 3

6th: erm this is all the things i likes n i wanna lar... so u all go choose or think wat to give lor... but never give also ok lar..!!(pian ren de)!! haha...

7th:actually jeans or pants also can bah.. my size is exact is around 27-28... but if wanna buy de wa... i prefer size 30 eh??!! i can wear belt!!!

8th:i got psp le leh??!! but actually mp4 also not bad!! haha ipod video also can eh??!! haha


1ST: SOFT TOYS / toys!! (DON WANNA) cuz i am allergic to it??!! jus as long is soft toys i cannot sleep with it or play!! pls don buy... i might throw it away... cuz it will affect my face!! if not i give my daughter!!

2nd: CHOC AND SWEETS OR FOOD!!( I DON WANNA SUCH THINGY) cuz cannot keep or use... eat le jiu cannot rememeber u all le!? seriously don wanna eh??!!

3rd: PERFUME!!(I DON WANNA PERFUME!!) firstly i smell nice enough le!! second i hate the smell... don buy for me!! i wont use it!!??

4th: no earings eh??! no necklance!! (cuz i don hav ear hole!! no place to wear!! pls ar)

5th: no wallets ... i got alot le eh??!! pls no wallets !!

6th: no pencil box!! pls!! no no no!!

7th:no books!! i like to study but pls no books eh??!! pls ar??!!

8th:no hats!! cuz i totally don wear hate de!! pls!! no hats!!??

9th:no balls or sports... stuff... pls pls no no no!!

10th:no lighters !! no acohol!! pls ar??!! cuz i don smoke and i don drink!!! don wanna ar...!!no no no

11th:no pets ar!!nonono

12th: haha no billabong brands... or ripcurl..!! pls... don wanna!! wa lau!!

13th: no watches!! pls pls no no no no no no pls!!

o no i really need to sleep le ar... really sorry... i blog really very little le eh??!! sorry guys... haha



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