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Friday, June 22, 2007
(my favourite colour!!purple!!)DING DONG DING DONG!! ITS MY BIRTHDAY!!??

haha happy birthday to me , happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me , happy birthday to meeee meee!! haha happy birthday tooo meeeeeeee!!! haha strike le eh??!! its my birthday sia!! haha

when the time going to stike ... my brother marcuz very funny lar... u know he wanna know the actual time to wish me happy birthday he go call the WORLD CLOCK TIME TO CHECK THE TIME !! i am so damed touch lar!!

at first quite angry with him because he late..!!! na bei never see me modeling!! haha after see him so cute doing that i heartmelt!! then he wish me happy birthday then i start taking pics eh?!! haha aiyo with all of them..

but first i wanna put my brother weili eh!!?? haha he very high le look at him eh??!!

haha cute rite?? haha i don know sia.. why he do this... i think my birthday he 2 high!! liao!! haha aiyo....!!! haha

then i start taking pic with those who go my birthday!! haha haha see!! haha all the pics??!!except for wei and xuan n nah... then too busy liao!! haha

haha from the left 2 right!! is chen yee!! haha weili and chris!! haha!!?? haha i cannot make it rite?? i take pic??!! always so ugly!! haha

haha the white one is adam??!! the green one is marcuz!! ahah both use 2 be the xiao cao in our school!! but adam now too fit and look like characoal because of his cca in poly!!

haha that adam???!!! and eric.. haha wa at first very du lan eric late... but in the end i know wat the reason... make me so touch!! haha sobsob... tell u all later!! haha

me tian kun and chen yee!! haha cute rite? one like drunk one emo??!!!

haha that my laziest brother??!! xiang jie??!! haha he is a good person.. willing to change and learn from mistake

haha look like couple again rite?? haha aiyo... hee but we are brothers!!!haha the best one!! haha!!

fun leh.. haha but no cake eh!!?? haha then we had a idea... we use this!! ahha see cute mah???!!

haha cute mah!!! haha idea eh??!! then they start singing for me!! haha aiyo...

haha suddenly!! after singing we all went out... many unhappy things happen... some problem!! gangs ar...and alot of problems but the most happy thingy happened!! haha aiyo see this my brothers gave me this eh??!! haha aiyo... wa lau..then they sing happy birthday for me again??!! haha

they give me this bag eh?!

haha see??!! haha nice mah??!! haha seriously i hate this brand alot!! haha i hate it cuz this brand is so stupid lar??!! haha cuz the pattern and design are usually the same eh??!! and just a few strokes... haha its cost 100 bucks!! for the normal ones lar...BUT AFTER I SEE THIS BAG I TOTALLY CHANGE EH??!! HAHA LET ME SHOW U EVEN MORE CLEAR AND TELL U



haha okok now let me explain why this is so different eh?? from other design eh??!! haha this bag material is something like leather??!! haha and its anti scratch eh??!!

secondly... this bag is LIMITED EDITION EH??!! HAHA COST ABT 300 PLUS!! haha only the new urbanmale shop got sell ... and this bag is consider SPECIAL EDITION AS.THIS BAG IS SPECAILLY DESIGN FOR THE OPENING OF the shop... of this brand in vivo city??!! cool rite??

thirdly... this design is so much different from other new urbanmale bags... everytime i see CRUMBLE AND NEW URBANMALE BAG , i see le very du lan and sucks eh??!! haha so normal but so ex like hell!! haha so stupid lar... and its like so common!! just as long u got the money and u dare to buy it !! then u will hav it!!

so stupid rite?? haiz... aiyo but mine is different i never see anyone in singapore taking this eh??!! haha cool rite??!! thx to my BROTHERS , FOR BUYING THAT FOR ME EH??!! sorry to eric and ken i blame u all for not coming for the modeling... i didnt know u all went to search my present eh?!

haha i shall continue eh?? haha aiyo after the club we all went to cine eh?? wanted to play e2 max... but in the end close... so we went to play pool eh??!! haha aiyo... haha but play for a while only then we go catch thingy!! haha very cute eh??!!MARCUS SPEND 4 DOLLARS NEVER CATCH ONE ME AND ERIC HAIZ...

use one dollar then catch one le!! haha let me show u eh??!! haha

haha the minnie is caught by eric!! and mickey is caught by me!! haha cute mah... one try nia!! haha i don know how to play arcades games cuz i don like but... hor i very good at such games hee cute rite?? haha

haha me and eric eye on this pool !! i WANTED TO CATCH FOR MY SWEETHEART!! HAHA

cute rite?? this pooh like toking to us like this!! so me and eric decided to say hi!! but i cant catch it for my sweet heart leh haiz!! sobsoB!!

haha we got nothing to play le lor... haha then in the end my cute brother never fail to make me laugh again??!! haha see the pics???

haha cute right!! haha she wear that eh??!! haha aiyo... wear that inside the pool hall so cute lar..haha!!!

after pool we went down lar... then we very boring le keep on finding things to play eh??!! haha see wat they doing!! they are pervert!! i just TELL THEM THIS IS THE FIRST nc16 cartoon eh??!! haha aiyo!!

haha aiyo...see bad rite?? haha??!! haha aiyo... mine better look at mine!!

HAHA THE RISE OF THE UNCLE SURFER!! AHHA CUTE RITE?? wa lau i look like uncle sia!!??

haha aiyo... then they went out smoke again... so we carry on with our lames jks... haha... so we went out lor... wa i everywhere also friend... then my friend wish me happy birthday so happy lor... aiyo after all the jks we sit cab home lor...

haha once i reached home i start blogging for 21 de modeling thingy... never sleep at all sia... haha aiyo..aiyo then woke up... in the end wa i forget need to go school !! haiz so cannot le lor... so too bad... aiyo... then actually my sweet heart wanna meet me give me the present!! haha aiyo...

sobsob raining.. but i don wanna her to ling dao yu so ask her not to go lor!! haha aiyo.. haha hee i good rite?? aiyo!!?? wa then my sweetheart wanna make it up for me lor.... so chat in msn... so fun... actually tot i will stayed at home for my birthday again??!! cuz my brothers all sleeping.. but then..!! WE WENT STEAMBOAT!!

haha wa i shall skip the waiting part cuz very long but i shall show u all this pics!! cuz when i was abt to go out then my sister and brother say bye bye and happy birthday!! then my daughter!! shout why say happy birthday!!?? very xiong lor... in the end i go tell her... today my birthday lar!!?? haha aiyo!?!?

then she ask really ar??!! haha then she say no presents?? haha u all imagine baby toking lar... then i carry her take photo.. haha see!!!

haha cute rite? haha my daughter!! we look alike rite?? haha aiyo??!! haha then she say no presents leh??!! then she say KISS!!?? HAHA see!!

haha wa... how i hope my gf was doing that to me eh??? seriously but usually i don let her kiss de...is see her 2 cute eh?? haha so let her kisS haha

haha wa i really every where also got my friends lor... haha wa even in mrt see old friend the wish me happy birthday sia.. haha so many... haha not only tiffany eh??!! ahha aiyo... another one is quiqi... and abigal!! haha even though all girls but good eh??!! haha all my old friends... haha

haha we reach le...start toking and playing le... then they scare the cake melt.. so ask me cut cake first... eh... haha haha look at the pics???!!! wa this is after so many years my first cake eh??!! seriously??!! haha THX WEI N XUAN TO BUY THE CAKE THX!!??


haha aiyo no time to wish eh?? haha cuz hav to blow fast eh??!! haha aiyo i got no chance to wish !! now i wish here can??!!

1st : same like i always say.. i wanna my family, my godparents family, my grandmother , my brothers(i love u all always, u guys will always be on my mind!!), my sweetheart, my friends to livelong and stay healthy and happy this is the most important to me!!

2nd: currently...hope all the ppl that know me and my brothers to take o lvl together and go poly or jc!!!with very good result and all succeed in life eh??!! haha seriously second important to me...its all abt my familys and brothers...!!!i wanna get pool ranking number 1 in singapore youth then make my family n brothers proud!!

3rd:my family condition will get better so my father don hav to work so hard... and my mother can rest more eh??!! haha i will work hard to grow stronger eh??!! and RICHER!!

4th: is consider the last bah... kinda of selfish but pardon me eh?? i really hope the girl which really like me will spot me eh??!! its like wat my blog say UGLY GUY WANTS TO BE SPOTTED!! haha i am spotted by many ppl but why still no girls wanna me... haiz... sobsob... hey girls!! I BE RIGHT HERE WAITING!! HAHA i really wanna find one to fulfil all the dream eh??!! gf Y DON HAV??!!

5th: is secret cannot say de... if not buay jun!! haha sweetheart will know eh??!! haha

that is all for my wishes FOR MY THIS YEAR BIRTHDAY EH?? HAHA then i cut cake le!! hee

haha tat me blowing the candle eh??!! hope my wishes would come ture eh??!! haha

haha look like couple again rite?? haha but this is my brother xuan eh??!! haha cute rite?? she??!! haha

haha i suggested everyone to eat and take?!! haha to show the bonding !! nice rite??!! look below??!! haha

haha i quite sad eh??! dao , jie ,ken ,wei, weenah, and a lot..all never come... my brothers got 30 over...today only got 13 ... actually good enough eh? cuz ALL ARE BROTHERS!

haha everybody dig in and eat e!! haha very fun haha aiyo... chat chat chat?? shall i skip the eating part?? haha maybe i should.. haha wa.. okok eat only lor... then jason come??!! haha he very steady eh??!! seriously he really come... thx alot jason!!

haha aiyo wei or xuan help me tell them eh??!! haha aiyo..!! haha then we going home le.. then we go see mrt ..!! in the end we were caught by video eh??!! we are all in television !! ?? wa we HONG LE!!

can u all see clearly?? i am sorry??!! haha no easy eh??!! haha u so hong sia now??!! haha

haha wa lau.. went into the lift was a mistake... i kanna wack by my brothers!! nabei eric hor!! worst... then all got wack all say never wack and all don know sia... (xuan i am hinting u eh)

haha aiyo...then we went into mrt and took a group photos eh??!! haha nice eh??!! haha take a look .... but all see i very jia lat eh??!! aiyo... xuan elblowing my leg??!! wei pinch me?? and eric aiyo u all see lar.. very pain lor... u see lor??!!

haha aiyo.. see very pain rite?? see their hand??!! after the shot!! eric go squeeze my BOOBS!! EH??!! WA LAU??!! SOBSOB??!! HAIZ THEN SCARTCH SOMEMORE EH??!! HAHA

AIYO...WA THE red red thingy is more then 7 cm when i reach home lor haha... haha

haha we nothing to do then we took our lan jiao out and play.. haha so funny lar... take a look??!!

do u al know wat issit??? haha its our blah blah??!! haha its a sweeT!! bought by sarah??!! from england eh??!! haha this sweet is from england lor..

then we started playing with it so fun lar... look at the pics eh??!! haha

haha cute rite?? i give each of them one??!! haha then chris and me do until very gay lar..!! haha see the next one!!

haha aiyo... damed disgusting lar... i see le i also buay tahan eh?!?! haha aiyo.. haha hee ...erm when u look at the next pic don be curious.. i will explain why so funny!!

haha let me explain why so happy ar??!! haha aiyo... hee... we took our thingy out??!! rite?? that time the mrt no ppl eh??!! haha aiyo... haha but next station alot sia... when ppl came in chris wanted to keep but i say don wanna... then i show.. eh chris don bring such tingy out lar...!! then everyone started looking at him, he is so ps lar THERE IS ONE ANG MOR LOOK AND Laugh...lor

then evan tell the person chris very uncivlised.. then the ang mor nooded his head and pointed a middle finger to chris!! haha everyone laugh!!??

so fun rite?? haha actually now is 4.23 le... this post i think is the longest... i blog more than 1o hours bah.. haha but very fun eh... remember i mention didnt guo my birthday... bt this post is the post ... abt how i celebrate my birthday 24 hours straight!!

haha thx to my brothers eh??!! u all really give me a wonderful birthday!! i wanna thank all my brothers... and those who wish me happy birthday!! haiz... some of them like jia hui yixi all this...rui wen all forget le.. haiz... so disappointed!! lor!! haiz??!!...

but nvm??!! haha i did really enjoy myself ... i got wat i wanted!! haha which is love and care from my brothers and friends!??! and that limited edition bag!! hey man ... this is so cool lar... !! aiyo i really wanna sleep le eh??!! haha aiyo very tired eh!!?? haha blog so long never sleep!! haha thx everyone!!??

to eric: before i left the mrt rite?? ur that birthday wishes!! at that time i felt the most sincere de... that u had ever wish .. i am very touched eh??!! seriously!! sob sob ... thx!!

this is specially for u eh??!! thx!!



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