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Tuesday, June 26, 2007
hee today i very tired le lar but don worry i still will blog eh??!! so many things to blog today ...don know where to start eh??!! haha aiyo

haha aiyo... aiyo... very sianz lor always blog then my god mother like to kbkb ...very sianz keep telling me wat god daddy wat god daddy de...damed sianz lor...ok fine nvm!!

this morning almost late sia... cuz they never wake me up eh... haiz it always happen lor... if i wake up early i bathe then they scare their children late for school then keep on knockin while i bathe... damed sianz lar then i clever wait for all of them to bathe finish then i bathe!! wa then never wake me up!!damed TIRED lar...

so fan zhen i late le so style hair more important... today i make more effort on my hair cuz usually i very good at handling it but haiz...!! so many ppl commented abt my hair ok??!! so this is wat they commented!!

1/4 : of the ren keep asking me why cut until like this, teacher cut for u ar?
1/4 : wa ur hair so short eh...look so weird... i think i am not use to it!!
1/4 : why cut until like this ... ugly lor... like nerd!!!!!!!!
1/4 : aiyo ur hair so funny lar??!!

i am being irriated by such ppl eh??!! esp ERIC KEEP SAYING Q MO DE VANNESS WU??!! damed du lan lar na bei!! this is the last time i going to explain why am i doing this and cut this way!!

firstly look at this pic!!

see this??!! this is my dream hair style eh??!! in order to get this hair stlye can everyone see that i need to hav a girl fa wei( like girl de back hair)...secondly i need a girl side burn which is not like boys de eh??!! which is stick to the face like facial hair understand??!! but LOGICALLY THIS IS SO IMPOSSIBLE TO KEEP IN SECONDARY SCHOOL EH??!!

so i find another way through which is i cut and keep the stlye first then go rebond when i hav the chance to make the hair stlye like the pic on top eh??!! so to be realistic i wanted to keep this hair!!

haha this is the hair i wanted to keep and cut but before i cut this pattern i need to cut the stlye and start it new and this is the stlye!!

see !! now can u all see??!! stop saying that i am weird or stupid ok??!! i am doing the right thingy but this kinda of style takes time for the hair to grow eh? aiyo and it hav to be very very long long then it will be nice!? and its hav to be long so i need to wait... this is the length and effect of the cutting stlye!! look!! open ur eyes

ok?? see this is call overlapping!!! there is nothing in the inner part ... i hav to keep until like this so i can cut the hair stlye i wanna... see the back of his hair?? is like this de... i cut de shi correct !! all i need is time!! i purposely de!! so for ppl who ask me why why why...stop being an idiot?? its a new cutting stlye!! seldom ppl dare to try it!!?? but i wanna make a difference and change style!!

i hope after this more ppl should understand me better why i cut my hair like this...actually my

hair not so short de... is give the cb eric bluff!! say cut yang chen ling fringe then i cut le he don wanna... na bei!! hai me... !! sobsob

i don wanna blog abt school lar... i sleeping all the way... and du lan with the hair thingy??!! haiz... so skip to after school eh!?!? me my shan and evan anna , n lee hom!! haha they all pei me go buy prepaid!! wa no money again!! haha then we go buy bubble tea!!

i am so touched shan and anna!! drink wat i drink... but they stupid lar don listen to my advice!! haha aiyo...haha aiyo...in the end waste their money haha... then i send them to bus stop with alot of laughter lar.. like modeling thingy ar... the 3 kampong girls keep saying me and evan lor!! haha but they are so cute!!

so 4 of them fa hua chi ...wanna go see hs guy in poppular... stupid rite??!! but i never follow lar.. i guai guai go back do dnt.. haha... then saw weiting!!

then she was like very good lar help me do... but in the end is like i help her do lor... wanna see her lousy workpiece ?? haha

she see spray also don know how to spray!? haha her o lvl de job sia.. she do until like this!?? haha

then i bobian lor hav to help her lor.. so i spray spray then !! ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!! look at my hand... this pic a little bit nia.. now my hand whole thingy is white lar..!!?? haiz

see worst thingy is cannot wash sia sobsob... aiyo then i do until so jia lat she and jing yi go VANDALISE THE TABLE!! NAUGHTY!!


very naughty rite?? then this is how she repay me lor...after i help her... then she still treat this to my piglet!! haha

haha sobsob my pig pig is dancing naked??!! haha then i angry then i don help her... so she go spray herself look how gong she are!!

haha nonsenes rite?? see her artefact so lousy...

wa u know she bao chou mah... i was doing somehting for my friend then she go make bk!! i know she did it on purpose... but its ok i forgive her ... i always treat her good good de... but i treat my sweetheart even better and different!!

haha aiyo.. nvm finally finish eh...2 weiting: eh really thx eh?? u really help me alot.. u can make me smile eh??!! haha thx??!! muackx?!

aiyo... u know she make me even more happy lor... u know when i bump into her and call her... she look at me and hair... she say nothing but keep laughing she know i don like but cannot tahan.. she try to tahan.. until her whole face red.. i think her internal organ all spoil!!

at first she say bu c guan.. look weird... after see longer she say actually not bad!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh see i told u all le... is u all bu c guan i having short hair eh??!! haha she say not bad eh??!! but must see longer!!

wa so happy lar.. then after finishinh everything me and weiting wanna sit bus home liao very tried... then i remember m briana still waiting for me eh??!! aiyo so call her and go her house meet her eh??!! wa i still tot her house very near!! yuan lai so dangerrous!! haha

aiyo... nonsense lor she!! haiz.. so dangerous... haha then i find find find until my leg so tired... haha but when i saw her.. wa refresh!! haha she so cute lar then the best birthday presents she gave me is letting me pinch her cheeks... should say i pinch and pull her cheeks her chin also will come out.. like the rubber girl... from fanstantic 4~~ haha

haha she give me present eh??!! haha then now is the thank part!?

to briana: thx eh??!! thx for everything . the presents wishes and card.. but wat i really needed most was ur care n encouragement... u always encourage me.. then even raining will ask me cover my blanket all this... wa i am so touched lar.. even though we are purely carsytal clear friends... i scare u bf angry with u??!! haha but seriously u are always there for me eh??!! thx... u even lend money from ur mother to buy present for me... actually i done really need one eh??!! cuz i know u already given me the BEST PRESENT!! WHICH IS IN MY HEART!!


so me and weiting carry on to causeway because she wanna pay bills haha then we saw a lion in singapore sia!! LOOK AT THIS

sorry cant take the front but the tail is red colour lar.. just like lion... wa he or she is so cute lar??!! then he or she will slowly walk with the owner and find his way... even if ppl block him?!?! wei ting lar go block... he will stop and wait ..then walk super slow to the owner... so cute lar??!! really very cute wear shirt somemore !!

haha then we continue then go liabary find my evan?!! haha then do nothing send weiting home to the bus stop then meeting my god daddy they all go and eat!! i treat them.. haha then eat nia reach home i baby sit until half way fell alseep sia... before that we took some pics eh??!!

very nonsense rite she bully me norh??!! then i pat her to sleep until i sleep!!

haha we really look alike rite?? haha i told u all i look like girl!! haha

haha okok... i shall end here ok??!! i sleep 1 hr later was woken up by here... she call me wake up.. cuz my phone vibrate!! good rite?? haha aiy... i really wanna sleep le... now is 1 am sia... so late...sorry guys today i got not much to blog again?!!



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