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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

wa u know hor!! actually blogging requires alot of determination and commitment(did i spell correct??haha ppl teach me...how to spell de)haha wa lau... really very very tiring sia??!! u guys imagine that after so many hours for pool then reach home abt 2 midnight!! then blog more than 2 hours... then sleep!! haiz... yesterday jiu shi jiang then worst IS NO CONNECTION!! i come back at 4 am!! sleep at 5!!

WAKE UP AT 11 PM I THINK!! THEN I MUST RUSH RUSH RUSH BECAUSE MY UNCLE SAY WANNA EAT BKFAST AND LUNCH AT JACKPLACE??!! wa my uncle(acutally is god father but i scare ppl don understand eh!!?? haha) haha wa he is a very nice guy eh!! i stayed with him 6 years le!! and he feed me with best food and blah blah blah... but one thingy is he cannot wait de!! so i hav to rush...!! in 10 mins i hav get my hair done eh!! haha

HAHA LUCKY I AM WELL TRAINED!! HAHA GET THINGS DONE FAST EH!!?? HAHA hop into the car and off to jackplace!! haha hav fun disturbing my little daughter!! haha!!

haha she now very xiong sia!! ahha see her looks!!when we say !! jolene cannot eat cheese cake need to go hoilday liao!!??

wa straight away stare sia!! ahha cute rite?? haha

jolene:who say cannot eat!!!! i piak piak the person!!!!

ahha cute rite??haha aiyo but good things last for a while nia lar... i am off to pool again sia!! very very tired lor!! did lot of thinking in the mrt!!?? see alot of couple then i think WHY I NO GF AR??!! HAIZ must be the same old reason ?? don wanna repeat lar... all my blog fans u all should understand rite?? haha haiz... damed sad lor!?

wa play play play play play!! wa today my father very serious sia... but i feel that i really improve very fast... but i VERY VERY STRESS SIA..!! I TODAY VERY STRESS I DON KNOW HOW MANY TIMES I HAV LET HIM SCOLD EAT SHIT OR STUPID!! wa when play bb only i like this scold ppl where got ppl like this scold me eh!!

wa damed stress ar... but i can feel eh... he trying to let me avoid all the mistake other ppl made and let me make use all of the time i had on the table... because he know i don like this game and i wont play so often...!!

POOL AND SNOOKER REQURIES LOT OF COMMITMENT AND DETERMINATION JUST LIKE BLOGGING...but i believe i can do it bah! blog i can blog so long and everyday sia!! pool also can de lor...i improving very very fast... from last time 3 years play one time!! until now... 1 week play 1 time... good enough le leh!!! haha...

even though today let him scold him until like dog but i played until quite well eh!? today never kanna trash by his gf eh( team singapore...rank number 1 for ladies) haha i lost but the score is 6 vs 5!! haha wa... i play until very well today... after so much of the EAT SHIT AND STUPID!! can imagine ur english speaking father!! which speaks so well and so patience coach would ACTUALLY SCOLD ME THIS EH!!

seriously at least i benefit eh??!! haha wanna see the way i play pool mah??!! the distance to far le cannot really see the face eh!? but play pool de nan ren also will very shuai de eh!! that is how my FATHER GOT A GF AT HIS AGE AND HAD MY MOTHER...!!haha but of cuz lar my father is a very good and nice man... haha character good eh!? haha at such an old age smoking for 30 over years... he manage to QUIT U KNOW??!!(why i like keep on adverstising ppl today ar??)

he has set an very good example to the smokers in singapore!! stop smoking!! and stop polluting the air!!( haha wa enviromental club de!! must do this??)

this is me playing pool!!??

cool mah??!! if got chance de hua!! i wear team singapore de then let u all see eh!? haha ( ppl who see this pic?? haha try to imagine my face there then u will know nice le...) i mean guys playing pool de face!! not my face nice??!! haha aiyo imagine my serious face not!! smiling de eh!!??

WA 9 MORE DAYS TO MY MODELING!! I HAVEN GET MY BODY DONE EH!?!? I SCARE SCARE SIA... SOBSOBS!! ppl who wanna go see rite?? is at st james power house eh!? 21 june!! just before my birthday eh!!?? haha let me be a successful one eh??!! haha ppl pls pray for me!! haha

sercondly i wanna thx my blogcreator BRIANA!! HAHA LOVE U SO MUCH!!THE CONNECTION DOWN IS SHE WRITE DE!! the LINK all she make de!! and i heard from her there is a ANOYMOUS tagger!! which kbkb abt me and my blog!! but she so cute?! she go block the person to tag and delete wat the tagger spam sia!! ahah cute cute de her!!

to briana: its ok lar... girl really thx alot eh??!! haha next time don delete the tag... show me and don block the person..!! just put there... I BELIVE MY BLOGFANS AND BROTHERS WILL HONG(SCOLD)HE/SHE DE... I DON ENTERTAIN SUCH PPL DE!! HAHA I LEAVE IT TO MY FRIENDS EH!!?? thx anyways

TO ANOYMOUS TAGGER??: hihi nice to meet u eh??!! (erm trying to be very polite here eh) i would like to apologise for my lousy english and blogging skills eh??!!erm i never act or wat lar... just telling the truth ... i hav no intention to block u to tag or delete everything u hav tag eh... is the cute creator delete de... cuz she scare i see le , i will BOOM!! haha wa u see ar...

u kinda of like vip sia , i still hav to write a message for u?? so long some more?? haha i heard from my friend u are a very civilised person eh?? that why here i am toking so nice eh?? SERIOUSLY I CANT GUESS WHO U ARE AND I CANT BE BOTHERED WITH WHO U ARE EH?? haha sorry eh , because of my ugly face i think quite a number of ppl hate me bah... erm NO OFFENCE HERE but seriously i am quite interested to know who u are bah cuz u are KINDA OF CUTE TO ME EH??!!

erm don know why lar... just a feeling eh...!! haha did u laugh?? haha i know u must be thinking that i am crazy lar...I HAV NO INTENTION TO FIND TROUBLE EH?? BUT IF U WANNA FIND MY TROUBLE SERIOUSLY I DON MIND??!! i am not challenging u or wat... i don wanna any trouble also but i don entertain to ppl like u eh?? so i might as well let my friends deal with u ??( the best is don wanna lar...maybe u are a very nice he/her leh just that u misunderstood me eh, then maybe can be friends?) haha most likely cannot de lar..!! haha and i never act for my pool...

its really very tiring eh... u will never know if u are not me eh??!! AND I SERIOUSLY NEVER ACT BUT IF U THINK U CAN PLAY BETTER THAN ME I DON MIND U CHALLENGE ME EH??!! i already SINGAPORE YOUTH le... whether are u very good from which chun or kampong does not really matter to me eh??!!

i hold the title meaning at least i can play(but seriously and honestly i not very good...still improving) i m a humble person... but if u think u better than me then try me eh??!! i hav not touch basketball for ages but i think u can also try eh?? haha??!! seriously do waste time doing such thingy eh?? i don mind being friends with u ... but pls make good use of ur time eh?? stop polluting the earth WITH THE RUBBISH COMING OUT FROM UR MOUTH!! the ozone layer is depleting!!

haha he/she i really never wanna action!! haha i blog so long also because i got a friend which is close to me from other coutries would like to know wat am i doing nowadays eh??!! and i hav quite alot of blogfans??... maybe they are jus my friends but they don mind reading the long long thingy eh??!! as sometime i will add jks and stories into it...

i know my blogging sucks(trying to improve here)erm so after all this thingy u hav read i hav clearly shown u that i never act? everything i do hav a reason ... i blog so long because of my friend wanan know and read n there is so much meaning full thingy happening which is worth to share...haha ppl would like to read it only u don know eh??!! haha

i don know whether is this a prank or wat lar...erm watever lar(anything)haha aiyo if u wanna find me trouble just kindly let me know who u are.. and where ur from then tell me why u wanna find me trouble?? if my friends say ok then u find my trouble lor...if my friend say ok le... then u find my sis eh??!! haha if really can then i nothing to say le??!! ( the best is don wanna lar...must guai guai like me!!)

i can see u are a very civilised person eh!! haha enjoy life and stop spam ppl tagbox le... unless u got nothing to do... if nothing to do then read my previous blog the post lor!!i think can at least entertain u rite?? wa i so good to u le eh?? u should be nothing to say le bah...hee HOPE TO HEAR A VERY LIKEABLE OR FAVOURABLE reply from u eh??!! haha wa i very tired le i go sleep le k?? haa... tctc ok?? nitez nitez!!

finally finish with my message to tagger!! haha actually i really find that this person really very cute eh!! haha no offence or not tring to be scarstise eh... but i think the tagger very interesting eh!! haha hope he/she not offended by wat i say bah... I DON NEED TO EXPLAIN TO HE/HER ANYHING REASON BUT I AM TRYING TO BE well mannered eh??!! ahha HEY BLOG FANS AM I GOOD?? HAHA!!??

erm really wanna sleep le... buay tahan such ppl eh!! haha aiyo.. i don know why sia.. from the face ppl know i very guai and don find trouble de.. but jiu shi got ppl wanna do such thingy!!! hee don care lar... !! wanna sleep le!! nitez !!my friends!!



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