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Friday, June 29, 2007
HAHA ONCE AGAIN THERE IS NOTHING MUCH TO BLOG ABT SCHOOL LAR...??!! there is many jks and laughter but when i go to school!!

i really engage myself to learning eh?? haha no nothing much to say lar... but my teacher says my hair cool leh??!! she say i am the only person which cut like that... and very style cuz everyone in school the slope and the side??!!

SWEETHEART,BEE BEE, VAL , RUI , NET , TRICIA, N TRICIA?! all got taste lor... and know why i cut like this... and find it nice??!! i think lar...

like All the same... only mine different?? sia??!! haha aiyo... i was so happy... but besides that ... in the earlier day... there are few idiots asking me why i cut until like that and start commenting abt it??!!

so now i am going to explain again??!! and show them eh?? cuz i ask them read my blog lor??!!

firstly look at this pic!!

see this??!! this is my dream hair style eh??!! in order to get this hair stlye can everyone see that i need to hav a girl fa wei( like girl de back hair)...secondly i need a girl side burn which is not like boys de eh??!! which is stick to the face like facial hair understand??!! but


so i find another way through which is i cut and keep the stlye first then go rebond when i hav the chance to make the hair stlye like the pic on top eh??!! so to be realistic i wanted to keep this hair!!

haha this is the hair i wanted to keep and cut but before i cut this pattern i need to cut the stlye and start it new and this is the stlye!!

see !! now can u all see??!! stop saying that i am weird or stupid ok??!! thingy but this kinda of style i am doing the right takes time for the hair to grow eh? aiyo and it hav to be very very long long then it will be nice!? and its hav to be long so i need to wait... this is the length and effect of the cutting stlye!! look!! open ur eyes !!

ok?? see this is call overlapping!!! there is nothing in the inner part ... i hav to keep until like this so i can cut the hair stlye i wanna... see the back of his hair?? is like this de... i cut de shi correct !! all i need is time!! i purposely de!!

so for ppl who ask me why why why...stop being an idiot?? its a new cutting stlye!! seldom ppl dare to try it!!?? but i wanna make a difference and change style!!

i hope after this more ppl should understand me better why i cut my hair like this...actually my
hair not so short de... is give the cb eric bluff!! say cut yang chen ling fringe then i cut le he don wanna... na bei!! hai me... !! sobsob

i need to cut like the 3rd pic first??!! then will look like the 4th one then the first one ok??!! UNDERSTAND LE MAH??!! HAIZ...

wa sorry guys na bei??!! that day blog until hav way then connection problem... wa lau... sorry i am back !!?? ahha

so sorry lar... so after that i went home get change to meet marcus??!! haha boy night out??!! haha aiyo... actually not really boy night out lar.. we just go out and spend money and enjoy the night that all..!?

fun rite?? haha aiyo...so we meet up and off to town??!! haha but we got a brother coming with use??!! is wei??!! haha our sexy brother??!! no matter where go go sure got ppl see de eh?!?!

haha so so so so fun in the mrt??!! then we start toking abt another sexy brother xuan(her twin sister!?) haha being a super glue eh??!! still wanna action to other ppl that she and her boy got nothing to tok abt??!! aiyo...

haha wei read this i think i she will remember and smile bah?! wei?? correct?? haha aiyo...

so we go taka??!! haha first cuz wei wanna go deposit money ... wa ... first time i see bank open so late??!! its like so heng... lar... when we walk in not until 5 mins... then the bank close... its like so heng lor ...maybe they know me and wei coming!!??

haha aiyo... so go back find marcus and off to cine eh??!! gues who i saw my interesting monster??!! RENATA??!! scary sia??!!

WA REALLY NO MATTER WHERE I GO ALL IS FRIENDS SIA??!! HAHA SO WE GO TO E2 MAX AND PLAY COM AGAIN?!! ahha play for 3 hours then decide to watch movie!!??

wanted to watch the stupid transformer eh??!! wa six timinga all sold out??!! the latest is midnight 3 am...filing fast??!! then i ask wat row??!! first 2 rows sia??!!

haha aiyo... the we decided??!! to walk all the way to plaza singapore to watch??!! in the end its close!!?? nvm?!?! go to the cathy??!! wa worst.. all the timing sold out.. haiz...

but i saw something which briana will like alot eh??!!

its JELLYBEAN??!! HAHA HUNGRY??!! ahha briana call me... that.. only she can call !! haha

haha so me marcus and wei... deicided not to watch le lar... so we go find a place to eat ... haha so we walk all the way to bugis.. wa now i know how to walk le.. don need to take mrt??!!
we sat down ... and tok tok tok... wat the topic??!! eh love again ??!! haiz... we tok quite long at least abt 4 hours bah.. go so long mah.. i don know eh?? i know we tok alot... haiz... all abt sad stuff eh??!!

nothing good... should i say single ROCKS??!! or not leh??!! haha aiyo...




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