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Thursday, June 21, 2007
HAHA ACTUALLY NOTHING TO SCARE LAR??!! haha everybody look hs and pretty...!! its was a total success... and easily walking a few steps we got erm erm erm... de money is too good le lar??!!!

i will be working for them again eh??!! HAHA MAYBE AUGUST THERE IS ONE MORE??!! haha let start blogging abt the story eh??!! haha aiyo??!! haha

haha i shall blog abt the story... wa before that meeting time or wat... i am like damed nervous lar... aiyo i keep on doing those nonsense push up and sit up... i know is last min eh does not really work... but haiz... don care lar... haha ...

after go meet evan they all le then i start to relax eh??!! haha then we started toking and laughing...!! until then we started to relax eh... hee... so good rite??? haha we started taking pics??!!!


haha cool rite?? haha are u guys jealous??!! haha but too bad eh??!! that how luckly i am... but 2 is attached.... then the other 2 is single but unavailable eh??!!! and all white rite?? we never jiang hao leh??!! its all abt brothers feeling!!de mah

haha u know know are... there is 2 times i go out with them le sia.. everywhere we go... ppl will think they very hot then keep staring at me sia... go out with them si bei lot feng sia... wa lau... very cool lar?!?!

haha then we are off to bishan to buy my brother make up!! (evan de make up) need to buy because my brother is natural beauty... don make up de cool rite?? haha buy finish le faster go clark kye le... i think i spell wrongly lar... haha aiyo... then reached the mrt...hor

WA I DON WANNA SAY LOR... MY XUAN... SO NERVOUS... MEETING THE PERSON!!! HAHA AIYO... its like so obvious and super over lar...don wanna say so much don wanna make her ps eh??!! hahaaaa

aiyo when we reach we were ask to change our pants!! wa i tot wear jeans and walk??!! i was SHOCK EH??!! sobsob... in the end go change... wa when i come out i see the bloodly pants bloody stupid lar... haha aiyo because of that also we all feel very uncomfortable to go topless without the clothes eh??!! haha with that PANTS??!!

haha don worry for yue and xuan.. i never complain eh??!! lucky i wear a nice top eh??!! haha i make it like punk punk like this... with the army pants!! haha show u the pic eh?!?! but kinda of dark eh... cannot blame clubbing places... haha

haha see the pants mah??!! haha weird rite?? haha but i make it punk punk de style... erm let me think ar... erm...o ya.. if u walk HEREEN THEN U WILL SEE PPL PEI THE LONG SLEEVES!! and those half length like boxers like this de... I ALWAYS ASK THIS QUESTION IF I WEAR LIKE THAT WILL ANYONE GO OUT WITH ME ... but today really wear le eh??!! haha aiyo?!

haha aiyo... when i see my partner and the rest of the models!! guess who i saw eh??!! I SAW RACHAEL GAN n LIN WEITING!! o no wa... damed look alike lar... seriously i see le wa don know wat to say ar... aiyo this few days everywhere i go i see ppl look like them lor

skip the topic eh??!! haha aiyo... then guess who is my partner??!! haha the most pretty de eh??!! haha aiyo... she is a very sweet looking girl... same like me... don club , don drink , don smoke!! haha aiyo so good rite??? very sweet lor... but i take the photo with her i not nice..

and she don look as real n nice in pics lor... she look so much better in real life eh!! haha aiyo... at first we really don dare to tok to each other... i am really really very very SHY EH??!! HAHA then we never tok lar... even when we pratice that time ... never tok... no chance... nobody wanna start also...bo bian lor

wa then modeling also of cock ups lar... cuz no time for rehearsal lor... haha in the end must ask my 2 twin brother...!! xuan and wei to show everyone... but still very stiff and never enjoy.. especially me!! haha don dare to laugh and don know how to laugh!! cham!!

but one thingy me and my partner hav is very very very very WEIRD OR CONICIDENCE LAR... cuz u see ar i tok to ppl no eye contact de mah... so if she an shi me wanna post or move we also don know mah... but very very very weird!! just for the first time and we don know each other never tok or wat!!

OUR TIMING IS SO GOOD!! as though we already an shi when to walk and wat to do eh!!??even my brother evan ask me n say... u guys timing so good eh??!! haha i find it very weird and shock 2!! its like totally don know each other , never tok n practice... first time timing we got it le!!

haha yuan fen bah!!i don know... there is something in my mind keep on guide me when to walk post and exchange places with her eh??!! haha wa after that i really feel maybe she is adnormal bah...

wa really very shen qi lor... its like we are divided so far eh??!! haha aiyo then second pratice she say jia you then my eyes!! got degree cannot see but i know wat she toking??!! haha and so FAR STILL CAN FANG DIAN !! WA 2 strong for me liao !! aiyo...

haha in the end everybody was stress and cant get it rite?? so we walk 2 times then finish le lor... haha aiyo... then go eat haha... wa eating part i skip lar... nothing much... bottom line is we still never talk... too shy liao...i mean me!!

haha nvm eh... when we go back i was very very very nervous le eh??!! seriously very very very...then i standing one side mah... haha aiyo... then suddenly all the girls came in... then take take take pics lor... aiyo... wa then they ask me take for them mah ... then i take lor...

then i go back my orginal position to face the wall eh??!! haha aiyo... thinking wa outside so many bloodly ppl lar...(meaning alot ppl!!) haiz then suddenly a sweet voice call me eh??!! haha eh its was her??!! she ask me??!! wanna practice first mah... then i say erm ok lor... hee... do do do we laugh laugh laugh smile smile smile...

then we started toking... she ask can take pic with her mah... erm another way to say she ask me wanna take pics with her mah... so i say ok lar??!! haha hee but the pic i don like my face... and her face not that nice lor ... too bad sia... sobsob!!!

aiyo but nvm... we even draw closer then she tok tok tok to me lor!! then she say me sia!! THIS IS THE CONVERSATION!!??

girl: how old are u??!!

jeremy: nodded head... i this year 17...

girl: wa so young... wat abt ur friends ahha... haha guess how old i am??!!

jeremy: nodded head again... shy shy... 19??

girl: no lar... 20 liao!! haha can u don act like a small kid infront/with me??

jeremy: ahhhhhhhhh kanna say??!!! ahhhh o ok ... aiyo shy mah...

girl: ya i can see that eh??!! but its ok U GOT A PAIR OF VERY BEAUTIFUL EYES??!! (wow she say taht eh??)

haha i shall change colour... haha this is so damed shoik lar... then she kua me sia... then take photo !! kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaachakkkkkk!! haha wa pic face so fat... then she say... in the pic u look like tank (singer) !! i was like wa tank so??!! then she added ...!! but u are much more handsome then him??!! haha!!!

haha our conversation just keep on going lar... so fun lor... haha hee... am i in love?? haha sorry i always mislead my BLOG READERS... HAHA no lar... i never like her... siao ar... one day how to like... haha anyway she is attached... see from her dp in her hp eh??!! haha and she is 3 years older than me... even though today i look older than her...

haha suddenly we tok half way in the end.. got another male model started playing to make everybody mind ease... it was a great help lar... cuz the girl keep saying the guy that he should learn from me so guai !! don smoke all this... haha

haha anyway she will know i guai because i know she very guai ... cuz she ask me how i go club cuz club must be above 18... then i find out she don club de... !! then she ask wanna go drink mah... then i say drink wat... then she say bai kai shui!! at first i tot she was jk ... then in the end then i know its real...

i tot her bai kai shui is acholol eh??!! then she ask me... eh u don drink de mah( acholol) then of cuz i tell the truth cuz we cannnot lie... i say i don lar... then she say wa i good boi lai de..!! kanna kua again?!! haha


its ok...then we go out le lor... my heart hor.. i don know lar... i cant feel it myself whether issit fast or slow eh..!!?? haha aiyo... then DON CARE... JUST GO ... IN THE END I GO WA so FUN LAR... the spot light so bright... we cant see the audiencE!!


haha and SHE HOOK MY HAND EH??!! AT FIRST PRACTICE ALL THE GIRLS ARE ASK TO LIKE lean , hook or wat so ever on the boy shoulder for posting... but the girls don wanna... actually boys also don wanna lar... the other 2 model.. one very shy also... another one.. wa hypeer sia!!

haha aiyo i was like so happy when she say we posting that !! haha i don hav the photos because ADAM AND CHEN YEE HP LOUSY DE!! HAIZ NEVER TAKE CLEARLY!! BUT I SHALL SHOW U ALL!!

haha can see she hook my hand mah??!! before hand... she ask me wanna post something like that eh??!!so i say its ur hand if u wanna it then we do it lar... N SHE DID IT!!?? HAHA WA so xin fu... how i hope i had a gf will do that TO ME!! haha

haha wa i show u all the normal one lar.. clearer de eh??!! haha aiyo...

HAHA COOL MAH??! THAT ME EH??!! HAHA AIYO... THAT SO COOL LAR??!! I CANT BELIEVE MY EYES EH??!! HAHA AIYO...but lucky no need topless... end up everyone start to wear clothes on... and my clothing i make i punk punk rite??!! haha

haha walk very fast nia... haha i mean the timing very short.. haha so very fast grand finalie haha...!! take a look ??!!

haha cool eh??!! everyone very cool rite?? haha i find it super cool lor!! haha aiyo... the next pic!!

haha this is the whole group lor!! haha ITS WAS A SUCCESS EH??!! haha aiyo... and our boss is very satisfied with us eh??!! haha aiyo.. hee... haha so shoik lar!!

haha after the thingy everybody was happy going to change and go le!! haha then my partner jio me pei her go drink bai kai shui... accompany by another model also!! don anyhow tink ar!! ahaa no lar... the don know is suay or heng lar... aiyo we requested for 3 cups of ice water... in the end the person say only got 2... haiz... then i was thinking...

I ONLY PEI THEM NIA MAH... I NEVER TOT OF DRINKING... THEN SHE SUDDENLY SO INNOCENT ...SEE ME THEN SAY SORRY EH...!! WA HEART MELT!! haha aiyo... nonsense sia... then i say nvm then she drink half way then she pass it to me... then i drink a little then pass back to her ... wa she drink somemore then pass back to me!!

AIYO... THIS IS SO FUNNY LAR... i suddenly felt confused... its very eh but its a simple thingy... i mean its like share drink such thingy... withour straw all this should be done with close friends mah.. and second thingy is.. mostly ppl is drink half then let other person drink half... then never touch le... but she don mind eh??!!

HAHA WA.. SO CUTE LOR!! its like today is the first day we know rite?? haha aiyo... so funny lar... but i felt the bonding eh... as she is more friendly le... next time modeling again ... walk with her not so weird... haha !! haha (hey guys don anyhow think eh??!! ) i got no other meaning !!

haha aiyo i say so much u all wanna see her pic rite?? haha and know who she is rite?? haha okok sorry i show u all...!!

haha oook??!! haha this pic is stupid!! haha but she really look alot better eh??!! i mean the person who look stupid is me.. but she look sweet her... but real life even more sweet... and confirm more pretty eh??!! haha

i shall end my post with this pic eh?!! haha enjoy guys... cuz few more mins will be my birthday eh??!! haha


haha aiyo i still don know how to smile sia... another day will be modeling for another person... and photo shoot!! aiyo!!!



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