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Saturday, June 9, 2007

haha this pic i look damed funny lar... haha my stomach so big!! haha... haha hey guys that very obviously that i was actually breathing in and out...haha so it look so big eh!! haha so stupid!! BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY!! I PUT THIS PIC AGAIN!! IS TO LET PPL SEE HOW HAPPY WE ARE!! THAT DAY EH!!


12 strike eric was playing with cake wa in the end bo bian i kanna liao.. hav to bathe haha... i run until very jia lat very high sia.. look at my face!!!

haha high liao lar!! i bathe 4 times le eh!! in one day!! but i never regret eh!! TO WEI,XUAN,EVAN!! haha wor get diry,wor eh dong!! i wanna go bathe!!?? did u all laugh??!! haha hope so !!??hee i got the video xuan took eh!! (those who wanna see ask me eh!!)

u know i very pek chek there.. all keep asking me this question?? why u always bathe sia... waste water!! haha i wanna scold them lor... there is a logic mah.. dirty jiu yao bathe!! lor...ask me stupid question!! and its personal hygene mah!! i like to be clean!!!hee!!


i just bathe finish eh... then go upstairs rest in the end i HEARD ERIC BURST INTO TEARS !! we all rush down to see wat happen.. he is kinda of drunk erm not drunk bah is tipsy!! eh!! but all he said was from the bottom of his heart eh !!! he was crying crying crying ...sitting in front of him everyone was at first laughing because he is too happy... and gan dong and he brust into tears... but as he say say say... i also cried... and i am the first one to cry with him nothing special eh!! i mean i don wanna prove anything but i am jus very happy for him!!

TO ERIC: today i cried after u did?? actually i did not really wanna prove anything or wat... seriously i am very happy for u eh...i am not a gay but seriously i don know why i really wan u and all my brothers to be happy thats why for so long i tried not spoil u all de mood eh!!i cried because i know that u are too touch le and ur words somehow hit me deep into my heart eh!! i always wanted to make u happy not because u are the so called pop in our group or wat... because sometimes i find that u just same like me eh!! so ke lian!! abt the 8 years old thingy we are abt the same eh.. the difference is u at least had mian xian.. !! i don even hav anything eh last year was the first year my friends or u all celebrate for me eh!! if not every year i would be at home eating maggie mee eh!! seriously i swear!! all the while there is NO CAKE , NO FIRENDS, NO PRESENT , NO BIRTHDAY SONGS, NO FAMILY, NOTHING EH!! but last year there is only no cake no present and not family!! but the birthday song really made me very very touch eh!! seriously !!!... that why i always feel that we are somehow alike that why i don wanna u to be the same like me eh!! so i tried to make u very very happy!!

TO KAI XIN:eh i know last time u don like me also eh!! nothing to hide lar.. its ok... but seirously everytime i say things to make u jealous actually i never wanna bk u and eric up lar.. seriously never... last time i think that u are somehow a burden(use wrong word but i think 10 mins le don know wat word to use sorry!!) because eric is not a person which can give ppl alot of love i mean last time lar... some more u will 72 bian!! that very dangerous ... i don wanna u all to bk and u all bk u all will make my brothers cry eh!! seriously!! i don wanna that to happen i don wanan see eric sad!! and let me tell u the reason why i will make u jealous saying those things.. because i like to see u wei eric jealous i mean the facial expression..don misunderstand ar(to eric)haha because u know guys really like their gf jealous for them even is healthy jealous like play play de also shiok!! guys will know it eh!! i never tot bking u all up so don think to much eh.. the main objective is i wanna my brothers to be strong and happy.. and when u jealous i can see u really like eric and eric did smile!! haha sorry abt last time!!

he is not drunk he is crying very badly!! but i felt happy for him eh!! but i also cant take it i burst into tears eh!!

we cried almost 2 hours... i mean maybe 1hr 45min eh!! its was me and eric at first... then in the end even marcus buay tahan eh!!then also cry!! seriously we are not gay and we are proud that we cried!! because we didnt cried for nothing eh!! eric came to hug me!! and all the brothers join in!! EVEN THE MOST UNLIKELY KENDRICK!! CRIED!! KOK HAO N XIANG JIE 2....!!! even vennom eh!! its almost all the brothers... eh!! xuan,wei and weenah they were being touch by us eh!! and even the malays eyes were red!! i don know all i know all this is not drama!! everyone was sitting at one conner crying and toking!! all the things in our hearts are out eh!! we are all so united!! 20 over ppl cramming at the staircase there eh!!everyone started confessing to each other!!!

from jeremy eh: i know i yesterday was the most clear minded person among u all because i don drink eh!! i am very sorry because i seems like i cried the worst... u all seldom see me like this because i always look like the strongest and the most know how to think de..!! its like there is nothing for me to hold back my tears eh!! seriously for the first time i cried so jia lat eh!! after my grandpa passed away nothing in the world could make me as sad as before but yesterday was the first time again!! as i cried like hell!! even come out those baby sounds eh!!!


EVAN:i know i am not suppose to repeat wat i hav said eh!! but i really wanna thank u because u are really very steady eh!! seriously i always scold u and say u is wei le ni hao!! but i wanna u to remember whether if one day u found out i bluff u anything or wat!! but always promise u must hav faith in me ok??!! no matter wa happens even if i lie to u or wat!! i always hav a reason to it eh!!??i will never betray brothers!! u should know the brothers is i build de.. i wont destroy it even if i need to leave!! so seriously promise no matter wat big big thing happen must trust me!! and hav faith in me eh!!ok??

WEI,XUAN,WEENAH: just like wat eric said eh??!! even though we know each other not long and not so close but now we are very close rite??!! don worry eh!! u all are very steady ppl with out u all the atmosphere wont be there eh!!!! pls don think u all don hav brothers and friends!!eh!!!

to xuan first: i still wanna thx u abt the the modeling thingy eh but i don think u wanna me repeat as u already here le!! but i wanna tell u be strong eh... i mean no point thinking those things u tell me yesterday saying u are not a good sis or wat...its all nonsenes lar... its like marcuz and vennom eh!! they are still good bros.. they will also quarrel like u and wei did eh??!! and maybe teaching some bad stuff and never set good example for ppl but its ok lar... we are doing well rite?? isnt it?! now u hav us and everyone N SHAWN don worry eh... abt the yaya thingy rite?? i help u make weenah and wei understand is not asking for anything in return lar... all my life now i hav been serving and taking care of my brothers eh!! so don worry... i will be there to help u ... even u all drunk also the same!! no worries!!!xuan pls read wat i read to wei!! same goes to u eh!!

to wei:girl thx also ok?? abt the modeling thingy... but i just wanna say don always quarrel with ur sis eh... hav faith between another eh!! its like having a problem we should bang li bu bang qing(means help wat is rite, and not help who is close to us eh!!)i mean its suppose to be this way but u know if u happen to wu hui ur close ones it would be really hurting eh!! i never ask u to side ppl around u always but open ur eyes big and look into the whole picture!! put urself into other ppl shoes and feel... because this is how i do it eh and it do really works!! eh i don wanna see u and xuan always quarrel because of other ppl eh... u both are twins and its not easy to share the same egg and 2 sperm going in eh... because the sperm hav to he zuo hand in hand and find the rite time to go in together eh!! the sperm hav to cordinate super well as u all are fighting space with billions of other sperms eh!! seriously lor sound dirty but its true eh maybe in ur father erm erm u all already sisters eh!! not easy!! i know ur sis is not always rite??!! but she is human eh!! i never guai u ar.. no offence but she also will make mistake eh!!so pls stay strong both of u... clubbing guys or ppl cant compare to u all eh.. so don always because of them quarrel...see le heart will pain sia..

weenah!: seirously i don know wat say lar.. but all i wanna say u very steady eh..i really like ur mouth and u always make an effort to come and join us eh!!?? and i really do know how u feel eh??!! yesterday the conversation we had i hope u will feel better and at least someone know how u feel eh!? don feel left out or last one to know eh!!

VENNOM!!:don think to much eh?? just trust us , now u had already found ur real friends eh... even sometime ppl will say is marcuz friend but to me that all nonsense eh?! i already treat u as brothers eh??!! i know maybe sometime u will think ppl know u is wanna ur money!!?? i don wan how to teach u to see or wat... because i know u old enough to think or wat... so i jus wanna ensure u !! even our brother or anyone u know close to me because of ur money!! that wouldnt be me eh??!! as u know i never borrow money from u and ask anything... even if u help me buy i zi dong give!! u!! eh!! i know its not all abt money but responsibility for u to take care of us.. but this is a very heavy duty eh!! i am holding it so many years le i don mind continue eh??!! taht day at almeen we did alot of talking i thnk u know how i feel bah... brother is i build de, sometime maybe i control them but i just wanna everybody to be happy and safe... i don mind wat happen to me eh!! as maybe u guys will dislike me or wat.. i will feel sad but i don mind.. this heavy duty leave it to me bah u enjoy and go and drink eh... becasue i am sure i wont drink de.. i am there to take care eh!! don think of wat give ppl chi... the world is like this ok??!! hav faith in me i know everyone of my brother very well even their pattern too eh??!!

chris:erm i don really know wat to say lar... because seriously u all the while very quiet de and i know u treat stead very good eh... and u because of us bk with ur stead... seriously the says u with u stead and u never go out with us we never blame u or wat eh... we understand eh!! so don don don worry eh!! erm don really hav to bk or give up one side to be happy with another side eh..!! i will help u make a win win solution if i can eh??!! try to tok to her bah.. make her understand... tis is not abt now nia but even next eh!!?? okok??

ken and sophia:haha ken first eh!! brother hee..seriously thx eh??!! i don really hav much to say because me and u don really hav problem i only know we 2 very bastard eh!!?? haha u shed tears i was shock eh!! i know there is nothing to be shock eh!? but i mean i just touch lar...eh??!! seriously eh!!

SOPHIA TURN!! MUST READ HOR!! :girl i never blame u for making me run back eh??!! i know sometime i maybe very noisy but not i wanna de leh!! is my house got one cannot hear de ah ma!! i tok so loud is natural de eh!! hee!! wa so ps let u see i sobsob hee!! seriously liao...haha all i wanan say is erm i hope lar...i mean hope lar... if don hav nvm eh!! i don wanna u to think that ken treat u as sarah sub eh!! i wanted to tell u this long ago but i wouldnt dare or hav a chance lar... but since today ken hug u and tell u those words i think i can say le bah... don ever think wat i had jus said ok?? u are not a sub eh??!! i know my brother he seldom will like ppl de... if ppl like him he also don wanna... he don like girls chase him , he like to chase girls(kinda of stupid)but good eh!! don care abt the past eh ... most importantly the person he hugging is u.. and the person he had in his heart is u eh!!! last long ok??!! even everyone know u like de is ang mor!! HOW COME WILL FIND DAO KEN!! AIYO!!but he also not bad eh!! got heart all this! and after u see i sobsob u should KNOW I AM NOT DESPO EH!! AND I SWEAR KA SUI ALWAYS DO HW FOR ME EH!! I NEVER LIE!!

adam: sorry i got no colour to choose le... this one very bright but i wan u to know... eh after u hav saw wat had happen yesterday u should know our bond has been very strong le.. not like last time like u still thinking that we are those kinda bah...don hav le... i never want to scold u or say u eh... but i hope this is the last time i saying eh... hope u listen because among us u and dao is the few which is du shen zi u all wanna wat jiu wanna wat... so u all are kinda of pampare we are not eh... but one thingy we know is our bond never bk... maybe last time we kinda of childish for instance like sittin cab all this... but adam we all grow le eh!! we all very steady le...money is some how nothing to us eh...we that time almost go town everyday and everyday sit cab home midnight charge we also pay ... so adam pls grow eh!!i am sorry i like this say u, its might make u think u very childish i scare i will offend u but no matter wat we still brother eh!! i still believe one day u will come back same like us... we never blame u for still being last time de adam and not like us because u seldom go out with us le.. just one month or few weeks we changed alot.. u are still acting the same way like before?? so grow ar??mauckx!!

lim ze n fiona: limze first don really know wat to say bah. u and her hug hug hug don know wat to say eh!! but seriously i mean u can see fiona really like u alot ... sometimes she don really know how to think but u hav to teach eh!!??haha

fiona:i know maybe u don like me saying this eh... but seriously u grown up le wor...u hav to think don always drink dao like this eh... seriously sometimes limze cannot take it.. everyone can see u like limze or not but wat u are doing are giving him more trouble... but don worry eh!! i think limze wont blame u because he also like u alot.. but wat u must do is learn and grow up.. and abt u and evan de shi i don reall wanna say but u should reflect for wat u hav said eh... because u know its really heartbking eh , to evan u are really her most long long sister eh... anything happen she is there for u eh... grow up together and blah blah blah... wa but wat u hav said that time really bk her heart... but wat hav past is already past u all are still sister... but fiona GROW PLS!! START TO LEARN HOW TO THINK FOR LIMZE , EVAN AND ETC !!

jindao:i know i very kb eh!! seriously but i never always scold u lor.. when i scold u that time is u really very chee bye lor.. all my brothers know my style eh...u never make me i wont go scold u de... unless i wanna play with u eh.. but when i wanna play with u eh?? i don care whether ur gf don like me abt weili stuff because u are my brother... maybe u never take me as one but u are the top few which came into the brothers eh... i never tot that u will go to my brithday eh .. taht time i ask for fun de i know u wont go de...i jus wanna show evan how chee bye are u this person eh!! u go read wat i tell adam!! pls grow eh jindao??!! i know its hard for u but all the brothers are waiting... we know u treat ur stead very good... and go read my friendster wat i said abt u!! jindao(the most faithfull qing shen)blah blah blah i never bluff eh...but really very good but hav u ever tot of our feeling or eric feeling eh?? u don hav u and adam same de eh!! but we never blame u both , that night we cried eric said alot of things abt u but i think all this thing u don know de bah.. but u know wat eric said abt u wat 365 days the thingy was not actually to physco u going anywhere, its true eh!!BUT U DON KNOW we u know u are qing shen and jsut like chris we never expect u to go out with us... but CHEE BYE DON EVERYTIME ERIC ASK U OUT THEN U GIVE THAT NA BEI FUCKING ATTTIDUTE!! maybe in ur heart all u need is ur stead bah.. but in our hearts we treat u like brother eh!!i hope this message wake u up eh!! seriously... just chris go pei ur stead nobody blame but don think u du shen zi always give ppl atttidute then we hav to ren... we will ren but eric already go to the limit eh... he don wanna tell u i tell u eh!! na bei u don like or wat then fuck off lar i don care already... this is not the first time i doing such thing hate me then hate me.. don come my birthday then don come but i BEG U PLS GROW AND WAKE UP!! PLS!!PLS!! PLS!!

KOKHAO!! LIKE WAT U SAID LAST TIME EH!! ALL IS CHILDISH...LET BYGONES BE BYGONES EH!! seriously i felt very happy that u actually cried to.. i hope u read everything eh.. all is i use my heart to write de... pls read eh!! i don wanna repeat all the touching word i said to u taht day but seriously thx for everything eh!! hee with u there is so much laughter or wat...seriously like in the room jiu gou le!! so funny i cant stop laughing... thx for all the laughter... never regret knowing u eh!!!

marcus:sometimes i maybe harsh with the words i use eh!! but being brothers for so long i think u know wat person i am eh.. i am very straight de... like it or not... i don know lar.. i just wanan teach u that...seriously be pratical eh.. i know its good to dream and aim but i am a person which hav seen much of the world.. i don hav ppl around me to support me eh.. everything i am with my own.. u are always under ur parents wings that why i know usually ppl like u wouldnt wanna kao ur paretns to succeed or wat.. but brother seriously i wanan u to rememeber no matter wat u still hav we all this brother... brothers are not there to shattered ur dreams eh... is there to help but i am helping u , i hope u realize it eh!! seriously... i wanna u to understand and don dream in la la land..u should understand wat i said rite?? i say all before eh!! don worry lar having a stead wont make u lose freedom.. u must make her understand eh!! seriously!! just try don fear... the message u gave me read... pauline is quite a nice girl i don know real or not but i believe wat u believe in eh..(acutally when she come i scan her up and down)haha sound pervert but i think she not that bad bah...!!haha really!!

xiangjie:i wrote u the last doesnt mean i forget u eh!because i know u will be thinking that did i write ur name or not!! haha cleve mah??!! haha i did not actually i was kinda of happy that u really listen to wat i say eh!! sometime to u maybe i seems to be selfish or wat... but seriously i am making u learn eh!! i just hope u understand bah.. i tried to explain alot and teach u alot u did listen and i am very happy but sometimes not everything can say de eh... i used my actions to show u eh!!!so hope u do understand eh!! thx for changing... u from a very lousy person which nobody like , slowly change to ppl accepting u eh.. i always mention mention brothers... but sometimes u might think taht i never take u as one.. but i wanna tell u!! i take u in long before le eh!! all the while things i do to u i hope u know and understand eh??!!but doesnt mean u can guai lan hor ... i know i can be very guai lan de!! hee!!!

finally i am done eh!! haha i am so so so so tired... now is 12.20am le...!! i think i blog more than 8 hours eh bah...i need to rest le!! to aLL MY BROTHERS I WILL NEVER FORGET THIS SAY EH!! AS THE BUILDER OF THIS BROTHERS I ANNOUNCE THAT 9 OF JUNE IS OUR BROTHER DAY!! NO MATTER WAT WE MUST REMEMBER THIS DAY THAT WE CRIED!! AND HOLD ON TOGETHER!!



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