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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

haha look at the date of the post eh!! is the story of the day eh!!

sorry i blogging abt pool again eh!! cuz i resume my training eh!! haha so so so tried lar...let me start my story from this boy ok??

haha cute mah??!! he is running very very very fast eh!! haha he very fatty and chubby de!! very very cute eh!!! really very cute lor... he is walking very very slow observing the cars around him!! haha and walking very slow... the mother ask him walk faster he die die don wanna leh!!??

JEREMY TO THE RESCUE!!i walk very very very close to him !! haha then he turn !! he xia dao!! the baby expression was like wa??!! why such a ugly person behind me!! haha!! he straight away run lor!! haha haha!! then he run damed cute eh!!?? can someone teach me how to put video on blog??!! pls!! haha i take his back pic i don know for wat!!(look at his size!!) cute!! LOVE HIM MUACKX!!!

haha first time use this colour eh!!?? will it be ok for u guys??!! haha hee sorry leh actually today i don know wat to post eh!! haha i hav been training like 4 hours straight ??!! then go eat then another 2 hours..!! haiz look at the pic then u see how jia lat eh!!

haha!!! see haha!!?? see the colour of my hands??!! haha wa lau!! damed kua zhang rite??!! haa but nvm lar... i know i got improve can le!! tomorrow still must continue if not time running out eh!! haha!!

haha!! FINISH MY POOL LE!! HAHA SORRY GUYS I KNOW ITS BORING TO HEAR ABT POOL CUZ U ALL CANT SEE IT!!??haha but nvm i walk all the way to bugis to meet my friend eh!!( i don know can say or not!! because don know whether HE wanna let me show his name!!must respect eh!!( i good mah?)haha i walk all the way lor... very far sia... but its ok lar...i know he sure late dE!!

haha reach there then i call him!!

jeremy:eh where u liao i reach liao leh!! don tell me u still haven come out hor... i still walk to bugis to wait for u sia...!!

friend:wa i told u i need to eat liao mah.. dinner where got so early eh??!! aiyo i still at home eh!!

jeremy heart: na bei!! everytime like that chu stunt!! sianz??!!

jeremy:okok lor... bo bian!! i know ur pattern one!! faster ar!!(well and poilte way)

haha damed sianz lor!! i went hunting for my concert clothing!! not my concert lar... i attending one!! haha but don know what to wear mah!! haha wa now I JUST FOUND OUT THAT MY LOW SELF ESSTEEM IS BRING ME LOTS OF TROUBLE EH!!?? haiz i very shy and ps lor...

i don dare to walk into a shop and see things myself eh!!?? this is wat happen!!??

narrator:jeremy walk into a shop...scare scare the expression eh!!??

salesgirl:hi can i help u??!!

jeremy:ah , erm , ah , its ok... ah erm... nvm!!

narrator: jeremy face damed stupid lar!! like wanna steal things like this!!

jeremy heart:na bei always happen like this!! how to shop...wanna see clothes then the sales girls come!! scare ar!! wait for (friend) come better!!

jeremy:(noodded head) thx... its ok!! smile!!

damed scary lar!! haiz i hate it lor... everytime like this de!! i when walk into a shop then sure got ppl serve then i sure walk out like a THIEF!!HAIZ!! walk around the whole bugis and bugis village le lor!! 2 hours sia.. my friend still haven come!! sianz!! don wanna wait le!!

just nice he called and meet eh!! then we got our stuff... go town meet another friend then we steady steady say 3 of us wanna sit cab home(we not rich , but 3 of us very tired le!!) wa wait for 45 mins!!!NO CAB!!! don know where all the cab go??!! haha!! haiz!! wa lau!! sianz!! nvm lor sit mrt ...!!

wa jk of the day!! wa i tired until i almost DROOL OUT MY SHEN SHUI(HOLY WATER) haha wa luckly lor!! haha hee... sleep until too shiok le!! haha hee my friend (marcuz still laugh at me)suddenly one phone call!! haha!! causes him to go back town!! haha there is MOS(CLUBBING)HAHA we to tired nvm go!! then my this brother always so good!! go lend his IC THEN THE PERSON KANNA CAUGHT...NEED MARCUZ GO BACK TO CLAIM HIS IC!!

i laugh sia!! haha laugh at me lar!! haha this is the good and mr nice guy!! marcuz!!

haha hs mah??!! haha this is his profile!! haha name marcus, age:14+++ ,height: 170.weight:52kg, character is always listen to ppl!! very good to ppl around him eh!! ahha!!then likes to hav freedom eh!! haha gong gong de!! in poly ppl like to say he look like WANG REN FU!!haha erm believe it or not!! there is alot eh!! seriously!! if u wanna know him ??!! pls contact me?? i will make arrangement eh!!??he is a very very nice guy!!



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