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Thursday, June 7, 2007
happy jayda and kun bei!! haha i don really know wat to say lar.. i should skip this eh!! i hope u all will be touched that i remember to sms u all a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!


haha when we reached!! everyone CHIONG AR!! go check with the room eh!! haha so fun lar but seriously hav alot things to do we need to unpack and do alot of stuffs lar... so busy EXCEPT FOR ONE PERSON ... MY SLEEPING BEAUTY!!!

i know when she see this ... she sure kbkb de lor... haha aiyo... hee...but u see she really sleep until very shiok rite??!! haha she and the val ar!! sleep sleep sleep!!!

me,xuan,eric,wei,vennom,chen yee,ken,shawn and etc... cuz i don know wat xiang jie tian kun and chris doing lar..!! haha nvm wa... the chicken so so so hard lor!!!

haha guess wat!! not only evan n val sleep sleep sleep!! na bei let me find out those 3 idiots never help de!!! stupid xiang jie still can laugh!!

finally everything is done!! haha its PARTY TIME!! HAHA EVAN HEAR PARTY TIME THEN WAKE UP LE!! HAHA ALL SHAKE SHAKE,TOK TOK, play play!!!

haha clubbing!! eh!! haha shake shake!! haha!!

haha damed high lar...( cuz i also got shake!! haha don laugh eh!!!) haha i must join in the fun mah!! haha so happy eh!!!haha but all NEVER EXCERSISE... AHHA ALL VERY FAST TIRED SIA...!! EVERYONE SIT DOWN AND TOK TOK TOK LIAO!! MAYBE I SHALL SKIP THIS PART EH!! HAHA

haha from the facial expression!! u know they damed high liao lar!! hahah

ken and gang is back eh!! with lots of stuffs !! eh!! hee... ken even TATTOOOO ON ERIC BACK!! AND DAO brought back our GUARD DOOR MASHI MARUUUU( SOUNDS WEIRD!!)

haha cute rite?? haha thats eric back!! and that ours!! guard dog blah blah!! aiyo don know lar!!haha

haha .... everyone kinda of sianz don know wat to do eh!! haha in the end we play something everyone is scare off eh!! haha let me explain the game!! everyone is given 5 sweets then we play black jack... same rule eh!!when u start everybody must put 2 sweets but if u wanna draw u hav to throw at least 2 sweets again!!eh!! its scary eh!! when alot ppl play.. 3 person play is scary enough le!! haha show u the sweet

haha damed funny lar... u know when we go buy this sweet everyone saw this they hav the same facial expression eh!! haha (wa why this sweet again!! wa )this one is the milk sweet bah...u eat alot very scary eh!! haha they very scare lor

haha told u all rite?? really alot norh... buay tahan!! haha wa bet bet bet... if this one hor is one rounds still okok !! and play little ppl!! but last year there is abt 16 ppl playing... haha this one not so many!!all scare!!

haha chen yee!! burst...!! eat all !! haha!!!

haha everyone started bbq eh!! our chef!! haha let me show to the hang he!!(stingray)!! haha and the fishy!! haha very nice even the malay ppl also say very very nice!!wa but very spicy eh!! haha i show u everything eh!! cuz i don wanna blog to long i scare u all never see the rest and wait for 12 over the eric birthday eh!! haha the i post other thingy... haha!!

hungry??haha!! done by kendrick!! and gang!! ahha the chefs!! actually all my brothers very good eh!! they all can COOK!! haha

12 stike liao next post eh!!! haha



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