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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

on this day... i went to chinatown for the modeling thingy i am very very scare lar... haha but its ok... ppl there very friendly eh!! and i saw the girl pic which is going to walk with me during the fashion show eh!!! wei and xuan help me choose de!! hee erm don tell u all PRETTY OR NOT...21 JUNE GO ST JAMES SEE URSELF EH!!!

haha rushing back for zam birthday eh!! haha he is damed cute lar...he go on all the air con in his house... wa damed cold lar... haha just for us!!!then he go cook fries for us in the end all brunt sia... then the whole house is smoke and very smelly then he had to open all the window everything lar!! wa!! no more air con!!! haha we sitted down and eat alot of stuff... blah blah.. don wanna say so much because eating and watching movie nia...!! haha

TIME TO CUT CAKE!!!haha shiok eh!! cake again!! bought by zam birthday!!( zam i am sorry that i never finish the cake!! because toooo sweet i cant finish)

this cake is bought buy his gf eh!! nice cake but sobsob i cant finish!! eh!!!

eh the cake wash really nice... me and marcus started washing the plates everything then we go watch dvd again!! WE ARE WATCHING ZAM SHOW!! 666!!! OMEN!!! zam was born at this day this time this month this year!! he is the devil son... he was born late thats why he is always late(claim by him!!! haha )

TO ZAM!!... eh friend i hope u read this eh... really hope that u read this...!! on the behalf of my brothers we really wanted to thank u for inviting us and celebrate ur most important birthday with us !! eh!! seriously... we never tot we will be choosen... we are very sorry that we never bought any present for u...because we had already spent quite alot on eric chalat eh!! sorry... and lastly!! we really want to thx u from the bottom of OUR heart..!!! i know u didnt really like me last time as u find me very guai lan but i am sorry to say that i am like this to ppl i don really know, and u and guo xiang they all also like to guai lan me that why i also guai lan back... but after a few times of conversation and everything i think u and i should know we are not actually this kinda of person bah...seriously and honestly speaking... i am a very straight person which can offend ppl easily, to be honest actually last time i didnt really care whether u like me or not. because thats my character...but after a few times of conversation i find that u are not the zam which wanna guai lan with me last time that why on ur birthday i DIE DIE MUST MAKE AN EFFORT TO GO TO UR BIRTHDAY EH!! i don know whether did u appreciate or not eh!! but seriously i did make some effort as i was busy with the modeling stuff so i hav to come very late... i hope after a few conversation u also will feel that actually i am not i had shown to other ppl as i treat ppl differently eh?? haha anyway really wanna thank u we had a wonderful time!!!

to xiang jie!! ask zam to read eh!! must hor!! haha ask him read this part and read finish!!!

after the celebration we decided to let zam and his gf hav a very wonderful night!! so me and my brothers we off the the 24 hour alllmeeen to eat eh!! ahha and tok!! haha we did alot of funny stuff eh!! so fun lor!! ahha !!!

haha we got nothing to do!! so we played at the road haha damed fun lar... na bei so many car lor... we wanna take that time then...!! che lai liao , che lai liao!! all run!! haha then the cam still need to on timer!!! this 2 pic don know take how many times lor!!

ton with eric they all the whole night!! did alot of chatting!! so called chatting bah!! but we are able to make each other understand eh!! everyone is so excited abt eric birthday!! haha happy birthday!!



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