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Monday, June 11, 2007
haha sorry guys!! went home too late then too sleepy never blog!! eh!! i am so so so sorry!! haha!!

WA FINALLY!!! TODAY IS A NICE DAY FOR ME EH!!! don know why lor!!?? since that time our whole brothers cried , my heart will feel suan suan de... n the eyes that time cry until swollen rite?? now the eyes not so jia lat BUT THERE IS A FEELING THAT THERE IS A EYE SHIT(sorry guys direct translation from chinese eh!! sorry!! it means eye dirt!!) , there is nothing there but very gao wak!!

wat an idiot !! haha i know the correct term but i am using EYE SHIT??haha nonsense me!! haha aiya nvm lar...erm to ppl who read my blog !! i am very sorry eh?! i am trying to improve my blogging skills eh!! haha and most importantly is english bah..!! i keep using singlish!! BUT THAT MY STYLE MAH?? IF NOT U ALL WONT LAUGH RITE??!!

haha nvm lar... i start my story le eh?? today got pics eh!! haha all funny de!! today was like so so so fun lar!! haha

i wanna start with something BAD TODAY!! i will NOT GO TO PRECIOUS THOTS ANY MORE!! N I DON WANNA THE STUFFS FROM THERE!! I HATE THERE!!wa once i go in rite?? i see this thingy which is very very very very very cute lor(my taste not bad de hor!! i very good at choosing girls stuff... i use heart to find and choose and pei de hor!!) then i was attracted to that thingy leh!! erm!! this is the thingy!!

haha see!! i try to show u all the image of the full form eh!! i was attracted to the heart thingy!! and the carvings i think bah!! haha wa but i hate all of it now!!

wa u know hor !! i very pek chek ar!! when i go in rite?? not until 2 mins hor!! i take up one thingy then the thingy slip and fell!!wa worst thingy is when the thingy!! praiiiinnnnkkkkk all the customer around me all run out of the shop sia.. (I NEVER KUA ZHANG LOR!!)wa lau then the person walk to me!! look at me!! like she also don know wat to say then very very very SAT(MEANING VERY COOL!!)I WILL PAY FOR IT!!

the girl very good eh !! she still give me 10 percent discount!! haha wa lau and this is wat i get!!!

look the same mah??!! haha wa but i pay 10 dollar for nothing!! when i hold the thingy up and look at the price tag... i was like!! PHEW!! HAHA!! still okok!! haha i throw away this thingy liao!! the bottom give wei !! i took the heart.. the rest to the dustbin!!!

damed suay lar!! haha wa walk and walk and walk!! haha then i keep on thinking lor until i saw this!!! haha!!! haha!!! N once again ITS ERIC TOY TOY AGAIN!!

haha 2 childish person playing such thingy!! but seriously is very fun eh!! i don like to do such thingy de!! but now i find it very fun palying with my most you yuan!! brother haha!! haha aiyo!!so fun lar!!!

haha this one cannot play too long!! CUZ NEVER PUT MONEY!! shhhhhhh!! haha wa!! u know hor we started walking and shopping le eh!! haha haha then me and chris found out this funny thingy!! haha we keep on playing lar..!! haa we look so sua ku!! but its fun norhs!!!

fun thingy sia!! haha we can ever compress or push away the tigerrr!! haha aiyo!! erm actually not that fun lar!! haha haha sorry so mao dun!! but hey guys u all can go try eh!! then u all know how fun issit to play with ur friend!!!haha

haha the part i find it most funny and fun de is!!! haha actully eric and marcuz wanna buy a newbie shrit eh!! pirates of the carribean edition!! very cute!! then we walk into the shop lar... !! then i don buy clothes de mah... scare waste money!! MUST SAVE FOR MY FUTURR GF N FAMILY!!

haha i shall skip tat!! haha then when we went in i see no ppl serve us then i look around while all my brothers looking at theirs clothes lor!! wa then i saw 3 girls pushing each other lar!! actually is 2 push 1 !! say something like GO GO GO!! haha then i smile to myself then i think i know why nobody serve us le!!

haha not we big bunch or big amount eh!! haha is my brothers to hs(handsome or cute lar!!) haha then the girl don dare serve them even when she come back and see whether we need help that time !! she will stand super super far far eh!! haha so cute lar!! but its ok lar!! she is not the first girl it always happen when they see all my brothers!!

then i wait wait wait for eric they all...!!but i cant stop smiling!! n i cant stop laughing out loud in my heart!! all this SHY SHY GIRLS SO CUTE LAR!! she keep run back to other shops the girls then run back!! haha so funny lor... then quiet quiet stand one side!! haha

IN THE END ERIC AND MARCUZ NEVER BUY!!! AWWW I WAIT SO LONG... BUT NVM LAR... GOT GOOD SHOW!! when we abt to go hor!! haven go leh!! haha then she straight away laugh laugh laugh giggle giggle then go back find her friends don know say wat lar!!i think something good??!!

haha but i really buay tahn eric they all lor... in out in out that shop!! just wanna deicide whether wanna buy that clothes or not!! haha its ike 10 mins come to the shop again lor!! but another reason we go back there is to eat the choc there!! very nice seh!! but i think those girls tot we go back and fun them eh!!

haha she really very cute lar!! its like when eric they all went in i stand aside she is like doing the same thingy then the girls from another side will boi(peek) over and see de !! haha so fun!! walk with my brothers always got such show de eh!!hee!! but haven over eh!! after we go back buy choc then the thingy start all over again!!!

ahha SO GUYS ITS OK FOR ME TO BE ZI PEI EH!! AS I AM HANGING OUT WITH SUCH PPL!! my brothers good looking eh!! walk with them sure got wind de eh!! i rememeber those days we were in school or outside , no matter where they go sure got ppl see de!! now all grow up le even more hs!! haha then some more all their clothes is a (erm don know how to say lar... is branded and there is a guy help each and one of them pei the clothes and pants..) i also got lar but i prefer using the clothes he choose for me then i pei myself!! ownstlye!!

but whether i pei myself or ppl pei ... haiz because of my face sure got different effect mah(mean look ugly)!! sure not nice de eh!! each brother of mine who visited that shop!! the guy hav different style for us!!(each and everyone, he make sure we don wear the same stuffs) depending on our size and looks bah..!! haha its really very nice ... when they were go clubbing like stars like this eh!!

haha skip this part le lar? hor? haha all my brothers all at least good looking de eh!! (GO VIEW MY FRIENDSTER!!)to see them kk? haha

haha!! i ask my brothers not to pass by there le because later the girl tot we wanna know her!! cannot spoil my brothers image!! haha but she really very cute eh!! so funny!! i never see her face!! wasted!! haha aiyo... i shall stop le!! haha wa then eric go draw money then is see this toy damed cool lar!!

except for sex toys!! haha i hav never see a toy in my life need the age of 18+ then can buy de eh!! and seriously !! u need to be 18 then u can buy sia!! so stupid lor!!

eh!! wanna go play bowling pool or sing k le!! haha hee !! but in the end when we turn into arcade and look see look see!! we try alot of funny games !! haha wa i played the police game hor!! wa my legs ... tired dao!! seriously and honestly speaking , i am very lousy at arcade games!!

haha because i don like that kinda of place... waste money and boring but sometime go in one or twice is ok eh!! haha this is fun eh!! look!!

cool rite??!! but really very pain lar!! haha actually eric even more sat(cool) he play the samurai one !! ahha!!

shhhhh!! eric is mediating eh!! don make noise!! he force the power out le!! all monster are going to DIE!! SINGAPORE WILL BE SAVED!!

haha u see his facial expression haha cute ritE??!! haha there is 2 more brothers lagi childish eh!! haha look at the pic below!!

haha they are playing the bang bang game!! haha so funny lar!! haha i don know got ppl see or not but very ps eh!! haha but so fun !! i bang bang marcux in the end i lose!! sobsob!! because i don know the rule??!!

haha after that!! we go eat our dinner eh!! haha think so long hor!! don know what to eat eh!! don know wanan eat wat!!in the mac.... sobsob!! but i shall skip that process eh!! haha we eat finish go sit cab haha to cine lor!!HAHA WAIT FOR BLOODY CAB SO LONG EH!! ONE ALSO DON HAV LOR!! haha



the taxi diver also funny , we keep telling him thank you mah!! cuz its wrong to do this but he save our day then we tok tok tok... then he keep laughing saying wa u all hijack ppl taxi u all not ps ar!! this is the conversation!! ahha

uncle:wa u all hi jack ppl taxi buay ps ar??!! haha hee

eric:wont lar!! so fun sia!! i got new name liao !! hijacker!!

uncle:got tip bo??!!

eric n jeremy : got !! uncle u so good!! ahha sure got de!!

narrator:reach le!! amount just nice 4 dollars... jeremy pocket... got 104 dollars??how to give tip!!

jeremy:nah uncle!!!

uncle:bo tip ar??!!

narrator: jeremy laugh shout bo!! not purposely de!! never so loud de... accidently de eh!! haha then all laugh and get down !!

i not puposely de... lor! the uncle face change leh!! until i get down the train i find that i super guai lan!! haha aiya not my fault mah!! ahha really bu she gu yi de!! SORRY UNCLe!!

haha wa chiong up faster go up play com!! haha and watch movie!! ahha so fun lar..!! ahha play dota and counter strike!! both i champion!! but CONGRATS TO ERIC!! haha he kill me once and HE IS SO HAPPY!!but he is my most you yuan de brother... he kill me le he know he will open my du zhi de men!! next round i one person kill 3!! haha

haha so fun lar... and the show they watch is so so so nice lar... everybody must watch ... i got no chance to watch cuz playing game... but really very nice lor!! the name is THE HILLS HAV NICE!! HEY GUYS u all should go e2max/e2chamber to watch sia!! or go that play!! ahha very fun!!

haha we play finish ....then abt to go home...!! wa got free show sia!! ppl kissing like nobody business eh!! wa wat are the teenagers are thinking now!! haiz!! aiyo!!

haha tata!! haha i now at father place!! need to go play pool le!! tata!! my friends!!



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