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Wednesday, June 27, 2007
went to school eh???!!! guess wat i do for my first lesson ar?? haha aiyo !!! SLEEP !! i too tired le eh?? sobsob... u know sleep until how shiok mah?? but very very tired... i went up for history!!?? i sleep again??!! then kanna muti scold!!??

then go for recess!!?? eat eat eat.. then go back class... teacher wanna prepare us for oral ar... guess wat i do for the 3 periods??!! haha i sleep again??!! haha wa the lessons end early today??!! haha aiyo.. then guess wat i do again??!! haha i sleep again???!! then go chem... sit beside new teacher??!!

haha u know i sms just beside him eh??!! hiong rite?? haha wa kanna confiscaite very long then can take back leh ... but no choice must reply... my sweetheart sms me mah... haha !!! felt awaken...cuz she got remember me!!??

but i after that sad sia.. she know why... lar??!! aiyo... cuz of something ... but in the end i still make myself to the counciler invertiture thingy lar... wa i usually don go such thingy de lor... everybody in my class DON WANNA GO...then because wanna go see her perform i go pls teacher and my friend to let me go.. in the end.. she... haiz.. don say le!!??
so lesson all over le... today nothing to blog much with my class mates cuz nothing to do.. and we never meet dao each other...haha aiyo... so after school me ivan and mashesh??!! go do dnt??!! then NO TEACHER??!! HAIZ WHEN I WANNA DO NO TEACHER!! ...haiz...

so nvm lor.. go canteen sit tok make time pass then i make my way up to hall... then take my good good sit... haha aiyo... then nothing to do mah... so sianz... then me and my evan play play play lor... disturb ppl lor!! haha so fun!!?? haha aiyo... then i ask my tong xin!!?? and yixi??!! and serene not mine lar... but yixi also not mine liao??!! she forget my birthday!!sob sob!!

haha then everyone was getting excited to see the performance lar.. but the speech from this and that so long so sianz... so me and evan tot of something to play... the 3 girls behind us keep laughing... aiyo... LET ME INTRO THE GAMES WE PLAYED??!!

FIRSTLY: me and evan will call 2 different person from 2 direction??!! then say eh boy/girl ... this boy/girl calling u!?
funny thingy is so many ppl looking stupid responded~ haha then still ask the opp person wat wat wat... haha so funny!! aiyo...
secondly : we tell alot of ppl!! 1 long jk n 2 short jk!!?? haha its is so funny and lame... that my tong xin laugh until cry eh??!! cute rite?
aiyo then start performance eh??!! suddenly i felt that marvin is so hs eh??!! wa he play the volin until so hs!!?? aiyo... i tomorrow wanna go learn liao.. haha so good eh??!! haa aiyo... then the sec 2 and 3 starts to perform!! not i wanna say anything but its all crap they spoil my modelling song!! WHICH IS THE SWEET ESCAPE!!
wa we are like SO SAD LAR...

but its ok ... i go there all the main purpose is see my sweet heart perfrom nia nothing much... didnt really expect her to know that i am there... cuz not important.. my exisitant to her does not really make any difference!! so i just see lor... no matter wat she do she is still cute lar...hee...wa my sweetheart eh??!! sure cute and nice de ... most important is heart good...

then everything finish le... i ask evan show me how she play piano .. wa she is good eh??!! cuz von more lousier than her??!! can u imagine ??!! evan??!! very you gan qing head in and out...playing the piano??!! cool eh??!!

went down to canteen!! then saw this baby eh??!!

haha aiyo!!?? so cute rite?? gen my daughter you de fight sia!!?? haha aiyo... she so cute... i lend her my bob bob to play then she make friend with me eh??!!
so i pei evan go find rui and stella!!?? we go causeway then evan saw a siao guy... then she go disturb the guy!! aiyo bad rite?? haha then we go eat pasta lor.. then met old friend...haha then rui order the baked rice?! very watery!! so the complain!? then we realise is the new way of cooking??!! wtf??!! crap sia??!!
eat finish must digest mah... then never tot of sms sweetheart or she will sms me... cuz i never let her know i going for the thingy , and i wanna stay quiet see wat she will do ... but sobsob ...all of the sudden when i reached more than words... this remind me of her!! sobsob

this is her favourite lar... haha sobsob... lor make me remind the sad sad thingy... sianz... aiyo... but its ok lar... nvm lar... when i look at this winnie the pooh ... it took me back to the day i went out with my sweet heart to play then play with dolls... and her smile!!?? haha aiyo... so good!!
haha aiyo but don care lar.. cuz also sad le... she keep saying anything anything like don care at all or whether i got come or not also nvm lar... cuz not important... haiz...aiya i don think le so we walk lor... walk until don know where... they deicided go metro!! find their friend...lor...then u know wat their friend told evan??!! say that i LOOK LIKE GIRL!!?? its a good thing eh... cuz this is not the first time already!! alot ppl say i look like girl!!?? my face shape and features?!

then rui say that the pic i took with her...alot of ppl also mistaken that i am girl eh?? haha aiyo... this is the pic eh
look like girl meh???!!! 3 of rui friends??!! say i look like girl... one say i very good looking??!! one say my fringe very nice??!! haha so touched lar... thx hor rui!? help me take until so nice!!
haha then i shall continue the girl thingy... their metro friend AT FIRST MISTOOK ME FOR BEING A GIRL!! cool rite?? haha actually being a girl not a bad idea !! haha then evan took so long to buy her make up thingy?! aiyo my brother very hardworking lor she is natural beauty de.. don put make up but now she working for nightwatch!!?? so need to...!! aiyo... xin ku her le!!
while she was doing her stuff i saw this soap!! or shampoo or wat so ever lar... very special!! eh!!?

haha this only cost 3.90 if i am not wrong lar... haha did u all see wat is imprint mah?? haha monday all the way to sunday!! its for hoilday!! so cute lar??!!

but i still sad and boring lor... so lucky got net sms me??!! haha brighten my day a little cuz she some how will bully me.. so i cannot lose... haha erm jk lar... she is a nice girl??!! 2 evan :wgs girls are nicer then msl de!! haha

aiyo i wonder i will kanna beat mah??!!

haha aiyo out in the blue and to my horror...!!! wa my sweetheart sms me eh??!! i was really happy... but i some how can read her mind... haha aiyo...she wanted to say thx.. and she saw me... wa... she saw me sia??!! i deny at first... because i find it no point letting her know... cuz got fen bie meh?? haiz.. sobsob..

but i cant guo my liang xin na guan!! cuz i told myself ... cannot lie to her... this is consider a sin and lying u her le... so i admit.. i did go lar.. so the same word came out... i was rather relief but the sadness and pain during the afternoon is still there...

but don know why... she always hav ways to make me rememeber her smile... when she told me she saw my hair... and she find it very cute??!! i was like wa!!?? aiyo... hee... don blog too much.. later she tot i wat!!?? haha aiyo...

then net was meeting us!! wa this time i think die le she sure laugh at my hair!!?? guo ran bu chu wo suo liao!!?? she laugh at my hair!! but its ok... but i very good de norh??!! haha i know now she poly got lap top then her back like wanna go camping(although its nice lar) sure very heavy de... so i offer to help her take lor...

i also wanna apologise to rui!? i didnt know her bag was heavy... cuz see she take until very shiok??!! haha aiyo.. i don wanna say so much abt the shopping thingy... cuz evan buy one tingy very long then ok!!? aiyo !!

buy finish le lor... cuz john little got sales then go there buy!!?? haha aiyo... but finally really buy finish le... then evan wanna go chun her money.. so all go civi!!?? lor... wa... then nothing to do mah... then net they all took this pic??!! haha nice mah??

haha maria??!! eh??! but cute mah??!! i gong gong de!!?? haha that rui bag and edited by rui ahaha..??!! aiyo my stupid hair??!! haha aiyo

so everybody start cam whoring liao lor... take take take... then i need to take a pic got the 9hole de for net??!! but i blink my eyes sobsob??!!

i look so stupid lar... but my 9 hole nice rite?? the dimple??!! haha

haha pic number 2better de??!! haha i look like girl eh??!!

haha look like one of them rite?? haha only the hair only ok??!! haha aiyo... we are the flower 4~~ haha

haha so down the escalator le lor... haha aiyo... then they take pics again... good rite?? everywhere any where any time !!??
haha this is so funny ... then evan don know ans whose call so never care her.. haha

haha 3 cute girls??!! haha but my evan most cute ??!! ahha net most famous? n jui hui xin shang my dimple!!! rui more understanding and resonable!!

haha don know where evan go... listen phone bah... then the 3 msp !! take photo!! memories??!!

i look like an idiot??!! lar??!! haha seriously lor... i need to learn how to laugh eh??!!

my turn with net net?! haha actually hor i like this pic most don know why??!!

haha look like couple again mah??!! if will must tell me eh... maybe i got another good point.. which is multi fu qi lian eh??!! cuz i take with rui , evan , my modeling parther , and alot also got the fu qi lian?!! haha good eh??!!

i shall end with this pic eh??!! i really very tired le... then net net very sleepy so i wanna fast blog finish then let her see if not she cannot sleep eh??!! zuo ren cannot selfish.. hav to spare a tot for ppl eh?!! haha nitec my friends!!

net rui ... i upload ur all de pics in my friendster le... wa going out with u all very fun.. if got chance do it again.. i don mind shopping de... haha i can??!! haha aiyo..but don bully me can le... haha aiyo.. so fun lar... u both are my best wgs friends?!!



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