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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Just got my blog done today eh!! thx tooooo!! haha read the post below i very lazy to type out le!! wa damed bloody sick now lor... its like 4.30AM le i still cant sleep!! this few days cough and sneeze mouth also got blood so sickening sia!! see le also sianz!! i think I DYING SOON LE LAR...!!!

O lvls mother tongue on monday seh!!! die liao lar... i think i cant get A1 sia... if cannot i really very sad lor.. my chinese is A1 de leh!! all the time.... wa CHINESE is our GEN we are LONG THE CHUAN REN we hav to learn to YING SHUI SI YUAN... we CANNOT WANG BEN!!!( this is not crap eh!! haha important !! everyone take note!! ) wa so sianz abt it.. nvm i will try my best bah... god will bless me!!!

WA stupid!! me should be studying eh?? but guess wat i am thinking??!! haha i am thinking i am ugly until no ppl would spot me eh!!! haha stupid rite?? so lame sia... aiya use to it le lar... maybe i will live on like this , TALKING WITH PPL NO EYE CONTACT, NO GF, NO PPL LIKE, NO PPL NOTICE, DON DARE TAKE PICS AND ETC...

wa who wanna live like this wor...but i don think i hav a choice bah...BUT I AM PROUD TO SAY!! i never blame anyone for this and having this face, honestly speaking i know i am ugly but this is wat GOD AND MY PARENTS GAVE ME..whether how my looks hav change or deform they will still be there for me eh!! and i don wanna look like wat SUPERSTARS OR WAT... sometimes it sounds shiok but i prefered to look like myself!! because look like myself better.because ppl get to know me because of my character and not looks!! haha if am such a ugly person and yet i can hav so many friends!! like this my character and PR must be very good lar??? (i don know this depends on how ppl think of me eh!! )

TOMORROW WILL BE A BUSY DAY FOR ME SIANZ!!! need to meet up my father because of the stupid DPA thingy.. i will be using that to go poly!! the sports i using is POOL and SNOOKER!! i think his reputation can get me into the interview... because our stupid school don hav this sports how to hav performance eh!!??

no performance where got ppl wanna interview me!! haha second i think i be using the name of team singapore eh!! but i also pai sei to use lar.. na bei i 3 years touch one time pool and snooker where got good performance wor...i really don like this sports lar , cuz since young i never win in this game because i got no friends to play with..

everytime my dad ask me follow him then he will ask his students to entertain me!! then his students all is POOL POOL POOL !! still got wat??? ask me play with them!! ?? stupid !! ask me to pick ball for them and sit there quietly lor!! for god sake....I ONLY HAV 2 FRIENDS IN POOL !! 1 IS NUMBER 1 IN POOL FOR LADIES , 2ND ONE IS NUMBER ONE FOR SNOOKER FOR MALE... how to play with them?? i ask u all?? one cue game waste my time sitting down.. i go there always play com also never touch i think the interview die le lar..

I STILL PREFER BASKETBALL so fun lar...but i don think my leg will bring me very far lar... stupid me go pull ring in the end FEI MY OWN LEFT LEG...but lucky i now still can pull ring... i always win in bb lor thats why no matter where i go play bb i find it fun!! cuz i can know more friends and i am being recongise by ppl !! as they keep asking me things!!
pool sucks lor!! i go there nobody tok to me except the 2 ppl i mention all his other students will jus stare and look at me lor!! this sport where got fun... from the first time i play i never even win one time!!!( not so kua zhang lar)but its like i am a fool lor and i don like it...

PPL WILL TELL ME!! ( BOY U LOOK MORE HS AND TALLER , WA U 3 YEARS TOUCH ONE TIME CUE BUT U STILL SO JUN) jun my lan..jun!!!haiz...so long never touch can play because i got the genes mah... jus like my sis....stupid...!!!those students of my father never die before , i never take out my SHANG FANG BAO JIAN LOR..if i take out and play serious i don think u all can win me lor!!! stupid !!!

(to the students!!---u think u all pay my father then can so action ar??? i don really play doesnt mean i cannot win u all!! don always use this kinda sentence to say me its not porh is sarcastic!!! i know u all say because u all wanna to challenge me and try to see me can play or not rite??stupid )

back to my story i swear for my life i never play serious in any of the pool game because i cannot serious i scare ... i shy... cant play when ppl see me..!!! i the the interview i die liao lar... this june must play liao!! wa for so many years i think i touch pool not more than 10 times sia.. now wanna me train like stupid...

TOMORROW...after toking to my father still hav too study!!! SIANZ AR!!!

HAHA DON WANNA WRITE LE BYE !! GOT ZHOU XING ZHI SHOW!! HAHA HE GOT SAME BIRTHDAY AS ME EH!! AND I WILL BE BLOGING EVERYDAY IF I GOT CHANCE BAH STAY TUNNED EH!! not free to blog till tuesday i think !! haha busy with studies ... also give ppl chance to read eh!!!byebye


without u my blog wont be here eh!!! i always wanted a blog but no chance but there u came and make it possible for me eh!!! thx for spending the time all this sia... !! thx thx thx!! MUACKX MUACKX !!! IF U DON MIND EH!!

This girl is my blogcreator!!!
cute rite?? i like this pic alot!!!
she is a incredible girl eh!!! she has
lots of patience when she created this blog
for me eh!!!

TO BRIANA:hey girl really thx alot sia... i don know wat to say much eh!!!
all the things i said was really from the bottom of my heart worz...
BU YAO HUAI YI EH!!! its not because u created this blog for me
then i thank u until like that... but honestly from the first day i knew
u and chatted with u on msn , u are very funny cuz u always send me
funny songs... and blah blah blah... (don get offended)its so funny lar
cuz i mean between me and u its all abt songs , and i find u very cute...
everytime u click on me u will send me songs eh... but its so weird rite??
we chatted was like twice only then i helped u once... then we became like
much closer eh?? (don mistaken eh!!! i don wanna ur bf later $#$%@#@)
i mean the relationship of friends lar... but seriously u are a very nice person
, pls don say nobody ask u out lar... i hate that sentence cuz very lonely leh!!
(but i always say that cuz i same like u , but mine is brothers got gf..no me)
If u don mind u can ask out de seh , i very free de !! i can go anywhere , play
until how late also can seh!!! NO WORRIES...haha don listen techno le lar...
don suit ur cute face eh!! haha seriously...even though for relaxation and leisure but really don suit u sia...REMEMBER I OWE U A LUNCH OR DINNER EH!!must come and claim hor i insist!! even ur bf say cannot i also don care , cuz i owe u de eh... i don bk ppl promises de eh!!! haha lastly!!!remember ar... u not alone eh!! ur friends do remember u , erm actually hor if u don mind u can stickwith me eh... everytime my brothers ask me out u jus tag along lor...haha
(i noe u don wanna de lar... cuz u very faithfull but wanna say say eh at least i got xin to say!!!) correct???good enough mah??? anyway i really like this pic alot eh!! haha don know why lar...so weird...u look like u saying something to me !! but obviously!! ur tongue is out u cant TALK but don know leh!! haha u are jus very sweet in the pic lar... everyone will agree!!!


TO Ziyu!!!

I am so so so so so sorry that u claim that i spread the virus!!but did i??? haha ??? aiyo nvm lar i know u the best eh!!! haha u wont blame de !! really thx for the snow sia... haha i don know wat to type leh.. me and u so close and know so long le then write those good things i will pai sei sia!! u also know i very shy de eh!! haha sorry wor... but u know i treat u very good and u know that u hav a very positive image in my mind can le rite??? haha its the tots that counts eh!!! good luck for ur o lvls sia!!! haha we jia you together eh!! wa i sounds so gay and aqua!! haha faster find one gf for me lar... i don hav girls like me sia , toooo ugly le!!



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