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Thursday, May 31, 2007

see the red circle there??!! i wanna warn all the guys eh!! that is NOT MEAT OR MUSCLE!!its a LUMP EH!!!this show that not only girls can hav BREAST CANCER !! HAHA !! guys seriously this is not a jk eh!! when i see this i scare sia.. then i go rou rou rou and found out that there is a lump HARD HARD DE!!!

hey guys its no jk ok?? haha pls take care of ur boobs!!(i took this pic when i saw the thingy there when i wore this shirt!! and sorry everyone that the mirror is kinda of ditry!!eh)

I started my day going sentosa??? okok?? so unlikely of me... that i would hav the time eh!!?? hee its church outing ok?? i good boi lor!!!haha nothing really happen in the train bah!! but!!!!i saw this handsome guy sia...seriously he is handsome and smart looking i cant take my eyes off him eh!! haha looking at him all the way see why me and him look so different!! he is like wahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

haha let me start off when i meet my new church friends eh!!! they are very nice ppl eh!!! but i felt so weird around them lor!! but nvm in CONCLUSION THEY ARE NICE PPL EH!!!HAHAnothing really happen until this church girl came to apporach me...!! this is the conversation again??

geraline: hey can u be my model??

jeremy heart:wa blind ar u !! i so short and ugly lor!!no muscle!!(feeling damed shiok lar!!)

jeremy:erm model?? for??

geraline:i am a fashion desginer wor... i wanna u to be my model.. for one fashion show can le!!

jeremy heart:wahhhhhhhhhhhh...model leh!! a few ppl approach me on the streets all bluff de.. all must pay money de!! this one don need somemore hav fashion shows sia!!!wahhh

jeremy:isnt model suppose to be tall and good looking ?? i am totally different??

geraline:got wat i like ur body , u go gym de ar?? erm pls?? hee i need ur half body photo and a full one!! ok??be my model ar??pls?i inform u to go chinatown with me...to get ur measurements done ok??

jeremy:wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh orrrrrhhhh ooookkk!!

jk of the day lar!! model !! wa ... its like i am so so so so shock lor... !!!but luckly the fashion show is held in church so not to many ppl eh!! haha wa model leh!! never in my life eh!! wa !! cool eh!! SERIOUSLY HOR THIS IS WAT I THINK EH!!! a brand new fashion designer is bound to fail because she choose the wrong guy eh!! haha... my half body de pics... she took the upper one... then the full body one next time then take!! wa model!! eh!!!

this is the young new fashion designer i mention?? sweet looking eh?? haha but don know why she choose me eh!! wa i hav been thinking the whole day... i GOT NO LOOKS , NO MUSCLE, NO HEIGHT, EVERYTHING ALSO DON HAV!!!but i wanna thank her eh!! being a model on a platform.. haha wa cool!!

ooooofffff to beach!! but sad rite? raining didnt really play much sia... sobsob but guess wat i found something bloodly interesting eh!!! haha check this out??
wa so cute rite??? collectables item eh!!!very small u know compare with the big bottles below!! haha aiyo...anyhor this one has the same percentage wat drink le will die eh!! don drink sia!!!

wahhhh!! one day so fast jiu past le... today no go trainng!! so shoik and go out and play but funny thingy is i so ke lian eh...nobody ask me out de... haiz... so sianz..but nvm today i used my day well!! i know my new ppl??!! and MODEL WANNABE EH!! i can stop thinking how stupid will i look like if i walk like one!! shortest model ever...hee!! wa i cant wait till that day eh!! hee i need to sleep early guys!! tomorrow morning hav to go training eh? i miss one day le... time is running out for me...!! sorry there is no naked photos eh BUT AT LEAST I GOT ONE BREAST CANCER PHOTO EH!!!



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